• Kennedy Middle School
    1. Every child has the right to learn.
    2. Every teacher has the right to teach.
    3. All students and teachers have the right to a safe environment.

    Rules and Responsibilities

    Attendance/Unexcused Absences/Tardies
    Students are responsible for attending school regularly and arriving to school on time. Parents and students are asked to follow the following procedures:
    1. On the day the student is absent, parents must phone the school at 365-4611 and report the absence.
    2. Students who need to leave school early must bring a note from their parents and give it to the office at the beginning of the day.
    3. Parents requesting homework for an absent child must phone the office before 9:00 a.m. and pick up homework at 3:15 p.m.
    An unexcused absence is serious matter. It can be for a whole day or a single class period. If it occurs, parents are notified and the student is referred for administrative discipline when the student returns. If a student is tardy to school (more than 30 minutes late), the following is the normal procedure for each quarter.

    1st time: Warning to student
    2nd time: Call home
    3rd time: Second call home
    4th time: Parent/administrative conference
    5th time: Suspension/Saturday work detail
    If a student is late to class, the following is the normal procedure for each quarter:
    1st time: Warning to student
    2nd time: Warning and disciplinary action by teacher
    3rd time: Additional disciplinary action by teacher
    4th time: Teacher calls parent
    5th time: Referral to office
    Arrivals and Departures
    Students are asked not to be on campus 30 minutes before their first period or 15 minutes after school without special permission. There is no supervision before 8:15 a.m. or after 3:15 p.m. Students are not to loiter on campus after 3:15pm.
    1. Students are expected to come to the assembly quietly with their teachers.
    Teachers must stay with their classes.
    2. Students are expected to be courteous with no excessive noise.
    3. Students are to be dismissed with their teachers and to return to their
    classroom quietly.
    4. Students may be excluded from assemblies because of inappropriate behavior.
    Birthday Celebrations
    Birthdays are recognized on the morning TV show. Balloons are permitted as long as they do not interfere with classes or become harmful. Students MAY NOT punch, spank or hit another student on their birthday. Eggs, ketchup, shaving cream or other materials for “hazing” will result in an automatic suspension.
    Boy-Girl Relationships
    Students are expected to show respect and maturity in their relationship. Any display beyond holding hands is unacceptable.
    Boundary (Red) Lines
    There are red lines painted on the blacktop on the campus to indicate boundary lines. One line separates the playground from the B-Wing. Others are at the front and side entrances, at the back of the gym, by the PE locker rooms and portables and at the back of the B-Wing. At no time during lunch or recess are students to be on the outside of the red lines!
    Bicycles are to be used on the street only, not in the walkways, corridors, or lawns. Students MUST wear a bicycle helmet. Bicycles are to be locked in the bike rack near P-5 behind Room 101. Skateboards and scooters are not allowed on campus. Riding skateboards and bicycles on the playground area is not permitted.
    Bullying/Peer Mediation
    Students are requested to notify an adult if they are feeling bullied or bothered by other students. Bully Reports and Peer Mediation forms are available in all classrooms, the office, and the Kennedy Family Center (KFC). Students are asked to turn Bully Report and Peer Mediation Forms to KFC.
    All behavior on the SamTrans city bus both to and from school will be subject to the same rules as the campus. Loss of bus privileges may result.
    Cell Phones/Telephones
    Cell phones must remain off and out of sight during the school day. Any cell phones visible during the school day will be confiscated and must be retrieved by a parent at the office. If a cell phone is confiscated a second time, it will remain in the office until the end of the school year.
    Closed Campus
    No students may leave the school grounds during the school day without a pass issued by the office. Student visitors are not allowed on campus. Adult visitors must register at the office.

    Classroom: Teachers may assign students to detention in their classroom. Students are given a minimum one-day notice if the detention is longer than 5 minutes, so that they may make arrangements to remain at school. Students are expected to work during detention time.
    Administrative: Once a student has been referred to the office for administrative discipline, afterschool detention may be assigned. Students are given a minimum one-day notice so that they may make arrangements to remain at school. Students are expected to work during detention time. Detention is not to exceed one hour.
    Dress Code
    To maintain an atmosphere and attitude for learning, students should be appropriately dressed for school. Parents will be called to bring appropriate clothing so that violation may be corrected immediately. Students are not to wear:
    · extreme make-up
    · halter or fishnet tops, shirts with spaghetti straps or bare midriffs
    · clothing with obscene language or references to drugs, alcohol, race, occult, death/suicide, or violence, etc.
    · shorts and skirts must be fingertip length
    · pants must be worn at or near the waist
    · hair nets or “do rags”
    · hats are not permitted in the classrooms or multi-purpose room
    · any clothing which is gang-related (e.g. Bay Area, area codes, etc.) and/or navy blue or solid red (pants, shirts, jackets, shoes, shoelaces, hats, belts, bandanas etc.) Any gang related dress, paraphernalia or tattoos will be reported to the police.
    No food is to be eaten in the classrooms without permission from the teacher. Students are NOT permitted to chew gum or chew sunflower seeds on campus.

    Inappropriate Language
    Students will show respect for each other. Students are expected to communicate with others without hurting words or gestures. Hateful language showing disrespect to any person because of appearance, race, gender, economic status, etc. will not be tolerated. Under California law, habitual use of obscene language or gestures will result in suspension form school/parent contact.
    Students are to eat lunch in designated areas (red benches outside of cafeteria, red benches outside student store, benches near 600 wing.) Students eating in the cafeteria must have a cafeteria number. Failure to observe courtesy in the cafeteria may lead to exclusion from the cafeteria. Students are expected to keep our school clean and pick up trash on campus.
    All medication must be accompanied by a doctor's note and must be stored in the office.
    Students must have a pass if they are out of the classroom during the school day when classes are in session.
    Students will walk through corridors without shoving, shouting, yelling, playing ball, bouncing basketballs or whistling in corridors.
    Substitute Teachers, Yard Duty Personnel
    All adults carry the same authority as regular staff members.
    Suspension from Class
    Teachers may suspend any pupil from their class for any of the stated violations. A teacher may suspend a student for the day of the suspension and the following day. As soon as possible, the teacher must contact the parents to discuss the suspension. Work shall be sent with the student when he or she is sent to the office.
    Suspension from School (or as an option) *In House Suspension
    Only the principal or assistant principals may suspend a student from school. A student may be suspended for 1-5 days.
    *As an option to formal suspension, we may assign In House Suspension on campus when appropriate. This “no nonsense” program was started as a deterrent to misbehavior. Students attend school in a regular classroom on campus supervised by school personnel. Students receive work from their classroom teachers and get credit for their attendance. Recess and lunch are separate from the regular student body, strict rules of no talking and no visiting are adhered to, and this isolated program is not popular with those who attend.. As with formal suspension, parents will be notified or In House Suspension for their child. Students may be assigned to Saturday School to make up the missing time. Often a parent conference is required.
    The following actions, by law, result in suspension and depending on the severity, may result in police action:
    Causing Injury:
     Causing, attempting to cause or threatening to cause physical injury to another person.
    Disrupting School Activities:
    Disrupting school sponsored activities either before, during, or after school hours, or willfully defying the valid authority of supervisors, teachers, and administrators.
    Drugs/Drug Paraphernalia:
    Possession, use, selling or otherwise furnishing or being under the influence of any controlled substance, alcohol or intoxicant.
    Taking property which belongs to another person.
    Fighting, Threatening, or Harassing:
    Students involved in a fight, threatening or harassing a student(s) or whose reckless behavior result in a student being injured.
    Obscene Language or Gesture:
    Habitual use of obscene language (written or spoken) or gesture.
    Possession of Weapons:
    Possessing, selling, or otherwise furnishing any firearm, knife, explosive (including firecrackers), or other dangerous objects at school or school functions.
    Possession or use of tobacco on school grounds or school functions.
    Stealing or attempting to steal school or private property.
    Threatening Teachers or School Staff:
    Causing, attempting to cause or threatening to cause injury to staff members.
    Causing or attempting to cause damage to school or private property.
    (California Education Code 48900)
    Saturday School
    Students may be assigned to Saturday School to make up an unexcused absence or three or more tardies. Students must spend 1-4 hours and must bring work of such quantity to keep them busy. If a student fails to bring work, the teacher will assign prepared work. A form will be sent home informing parents of the date, time, and cause resulting in a Saturday School assignment.
    Textbooks/Library Books
    1. Teachers will number and assign each child a textbook.
    2. Students are responsible for the book bearing that number.
    3. Students must pay for the loss or damage of the book bearing that number.
    4. Lost books must be paid for before the report card will be issued.
    5. Failure to pay for lost material may lead to holding student's diploma.
    To and From School Behavior

    Students are responsible to the school from the time they leave home for school and to the time they return home after school. Any violation that occurs during this time will be subject to disciplinary action by the school. This includes action on the city bus.
    Unnecessary Items
    Students will not bring items to school that disturb the instructional program. CD players, Ipods, video games, walkie-talkies, cameras, etc. are considered unnecessary. These items will be confiscated and placed in the office for parents to pick up.
    Student Responsibilities Include:
    -following the standards of behavior and obeying rules of the classroom, school and district
    -behaving in classrooms and on the school campus without disrupting or interfering with the rights of other students and staff
    -attending assigned classes daily and on time
    -respecting the authority of teachers, administrators, and other school personnel to enforce district and school rules
    Parent Responsibilities Include:
    -being familiar with discipline guidelines
    -taking responsibility for their child’s actions
    -abide by school policies
    -sharing responsibility with the school by working together for the development and success of the student
    School Responsibilities Include:
    -providing a positive learning environment with student behavior guided by:
    -clearly defined rules and regulations
    -the consistent use of discipline policies
    -effective communication
    -providing due process