• Welcome to Kennedy Middle School. As a community school we, offer a wide array of programs and services that support our families and students in the following ways: 

    • provide multiple services through intentional partnerships to provide opportunities, optimize impact, and address identified needs at an individual and community level.
    • close any service gaps that can act as barriers to learning while proactively offering initiatives as part of learning through the whole-child lens. 
    • adopt shared leadership, effective coordination, and collective responsibility as the principles for student success, opportunities, and services are integrated into the fabric of daily life in school and into the landscape of the school community.
    • Kennedy administration, faculty, and staff are equitable and culturally aware.  


    Please visit our following web pages to learn more about our programs and services.


    Boys and Girls Club Program  

    Child Nutrition Services

    Community School Resources

    Counseling Services

    Kennedy Family Center

    Kennedy Middle School Newcomer Academy