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    I am very excited to be at Kennedy Middle School.  I teach Physical Education, my goal is to inspire all of my students to see the benefits in taking concern for their health and activity levels.  I received my Bachelor's in Kinesiology from San Deigo State and moved back home to teach and pursue my Master's in Education.  I have taught all levels of PE from K-2 to high school and I really enjoy the middle school students.  I enjoy being active with my family during my off time, hikes, travel, basketball, and basically anything outside.  Thanks for visiting and Go Cougars!!


    Mr. Reynoso     Email:  mreynoso@rcsdk8.net     Room: A4–boys locker room     Phone: 650-365-4611



    This course is based on the California Physical Education Content Standards and includes instruction in beginning and intermediate skills, basic rules, history, and etiquette in a variety of sports and physical activities.  The course also emphasizes health, physical fitness, good sportsmanship and teamwork. To complete the foundation program a student is required to complete the objectives of activity in each of the following areas:

    Soccer                  Basketball               Hockey        Health/Fitness         Volleyball

    Frisbee                     Track and Field      Softball        Pickleball                 Lacrosse

    Flag Football          Kickball                   Dance          Cooperative Games         


    Students are expected to treat other people, equipment and facilities with respect.  Students are expected to use good sportsmanship and not allowed to bully or tease other students at any time.  Students will be rewarded with verbal praise and encouragement.


    Students are required to wear Kennedy’s physical education t-shirt and black shorts or sweats.  Students are expected to wear athletic shoes. Students should NOT wear jeans, leggings or jeggings.  Open toed shoes, sandals and boots are prohibited and will result in the student losing participation points.   Hats and beanies should not be worn inside the locker room.


    CELL PHONES ARE STRICTLY PROHIBTED IN THE LOCKER ROOM. CELL PHONES WILL BE IMMEDIATELY CONFISCATED AND BE HELD IN THE OFFICE UNTIL A PARENT OR GUARDIAN CAN PICK IT UP. All students will be issued a locker.   All valuables including cell phones should be locked in the assigned locker during class. Students are encouraged to buy locks through Kennedy as the PE teachers can open these locks as necessary.  Kennedy is not responsible for lost or stolen items in the locker rooms. Deodorant must be roll-on. Deodorant SPRAY is not allowed.


    All PE students are expected to attend class regularly and remain in the designated P.E. area until the teacher releases the student to the next class. Students with an illness of 3 days or less, shall bring a note from home to the teacher at the beginning of class. Students with an illness or injury of more than 3 days shall bring a note from a doctor. This note is to be presented to the teacher at the beginning of class.


    It is expected that each student brings a water bottle to class.  This water bottle should be clearly labeled with the student’s name.  The water bottle can be a store-bought reusable bottle or a regular water bottle.


    The majority of the student’s grade comes from daily participation in-class activity.   A student earns 10 points each day for fully participating in class. For each unexcused absence, the student loses 10 points.  For each class that the student is not participating in or causes disruptive behavior, the student may lose up to 10 points.


    A student's grade is based upon the accumulation of overall participation points, skill points, and life skill points.  The student receives a grade and a percentage for each grading period. The semester grade consists of adding the points earned for the grading period and dividing it by the total possible points.

    Percentage Breakdown for Grading Units and Semester Grades:

    A =   90% -100%

    B =   80% - 89%

    C =   70%-79%

    D =   60%-69%

    Fail = 59% and below

    EMAIL ME: mreynoso@rcsdk8.net

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