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    RCSD Schools of Choice Program

    The Redwood City School District offers a variety of program options for Transitional Kindergarten (TK) through 8th grade students at its 16 schools.  All Redwood City School District (RCSD) schools provide students with a rigorous academic program, but each school has its own unique emphasis, classroom approach and personality.  
    All students are assigned to a neighborhood school based on their home address and automatically get first priority to attend their neighborhood school.  All students may also apply to attend any school in the district in lieu of their neighborhood schools by filling out a Schools of Choice Transfer Application after they fill out the initial student registration forms, which can completed at the District Office, 750 Bradford St.  Students who apply through the Schools of Choice Transfer process are placed or waitlisted according to a random, computerized lottery based on the spaces available at each grade level in January of the preceding school year.  
    School of Choice Applications for the 2018/2019 will open in November. At that time, you can check here for the link to apply for School of Choice.

    Summer Update on Waitlists:  Over the summer we receive many phone calls with questions about Schools of Choice waitlists and the placement process, and we want to make sure that all parents have answers to the most frequently asked questions:

    When will I know if my child will get placed into our School of Choice?

    Schools of Choice placements are made as we become aware of spaces available.   

    As the first day of school approaches and into the first days of the school year, we learn of students who will not be attending next year, and at that point we are able to begin notifying families that they may attend their school of choice.  We place very few students over the summer, so we ask for your patience as we determine where we may have spots available.

    What are my child’s chances of getting into our School of Choice?

    It is very difficult to predict whether any particular student will get into their School of Choice.  In the past, some students have been at the top of a waitlist for several years and were unable to transfer because no students moved out of that school or new neighborhood students, who have priority, moved in.  In other cases, a student had a lower spot on the waitlist and moved up quickly due to a large number of spaces becoming available.

    Will I remain on the waitlist if I don’t get placed this year?

    Yes,  but in order to keep your spot on the waitlist you must reapply in November when the Schools of Choice application period for the 2018-19 school year reopens. We will send a reminder to you at that time.

    Can I apply to a new Schools of Choice?

    Yes, parents always have the chance to apply to a different school, but if you choose to do that you are starting over and will lose your existing waitlist spot.

    We thank you for your patience as we wait for spaces to open up.  Please do know that we will notify  you right away if a space opens up for your child.  If you do not hear from us, it is because a space has not yet become available.


    Schools of Choice Transfer Information for the 2018-19 School Year

    The Schools of Choice Open Application Period for the 2018-19 school year will begin in November.  Please check back in the fall for a detailed timeline.
    Please email or call Melanie Davenport, 650-482-2237 in the Schools of Choice office if you have questions.
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