• The WIN (What I Need) Program
    Henry Ford dedicates thirty minutes a day to provide small group, targeted instruction. This block of time is called WIN, which stands for What I Need. Every staff member that is not a classroom teacher (aides, administration, resource teachers, counselors...) provide research based reading intervention to students who are performing below grade level. Currently, close to 100 students receive small group (1:3) intervention during WIN.
    Students who are not pulled for reading intervention are placed into groups based on data. These students receive targeted instruction or enrichment from classroom teachers. The topics range from STEM Projects, Writing, Math Games, Social Skills, Impulse Control to Leadership Skills. As volunteers are cleared to be on campus, more intervention and enrichment will be offered and class sizes will continue to be reduced and groups will consist of mixed grade levels.
    Progress is monitored regularly and students are regrouped as needed every eight weeks. 
    To find out more check with your student's teacher or the administration of Henry Ford.