Jan Marsh

    My name is Jan Marsh, I teach ELA to Orion's wonderful 4th graders. I have a B.A. in dramatic arts and a teaching credential from CSUEB and WGU. Besides teaching, I am a mother of 2 sons, grandmother of 2 grandsons.  I am also a professional actor and have served internships with Shakespeare Santa Cruz and The San Francisco Mime Troupe.

     I love teaching in a way that encourages questioning, observing, networking, experimenting, and associative thinking- important skills for disruptive innovation and life in general.  Young people need leaders that can draw out their strengths, create safe places for them to spend their time, and build on and encourage their positive activities while challenging them to set goals that are beyond what is comfortable for them. I teach to be one of these adults for one of these children, or for a classroom full of them.