• It is well established that faithful and regular school attendance in school is related to student progress and achievement. In order for your child to do his or her very best, it is important that he/she be in school as many days as possible.

    For both educational and financial reasons, we need your help in making sure your child has good attendance. We ask that students and parents abide by an attendance rate of 95%; parents agree to support regular attendance, and promptly observe the opening and closing times of the instructional day. Students must maintain a 95% or greater attendance rate, including absences and tardies. Students with an attendance rate less than 95% are in jeopardy of losing precious academic time as well as significant rewards associated with high attendance. There are times when it is necessary for a child to miss school. For example, we do not recommend that a child comes to school if he/she is ill or could spread his/her illness to others. We need your help in minimizing all other absences.

    Don’t forget, the state has changed the way schools are funded. We no longer receive funding for excused absences. Remember that every day missed puts your child behind. Attendance is important! Please send your child to school every day.