• Stephanie Vance 

    7th grade Language Arts and Social Studies

    My journey began back in 1994 when I student taught at Central Middle School in San Carlos and then San Mateo High School.  Even though I originally thought that I was destined to be a high school English teacher, I was drawn back to my 7th-grade experience and wanted to teach that grade level.
    My first full-time teaching position was in Half Moon Bay, at Cunha Middle School, where I taught 7th grade English Language Arts (ELA) for four years. It was a wonderful teaching experience, but I needed to stay "on this side of the hill" as the commute was brutal on my then 12-year-old car. In the 1999-2000 school year, I transferred school districts and began teaching 8th grade ELA in Menlo Park at La Entrada School.
    I taught there for two years and would have stayed but I had the opportunity to be a first time home buyer if I transferred to the Redwood City School District. After four happy years at Hoover, I was called to go back to teach my favorite grade level at Kennedy Middle School. There I taught 7th grade ELA, Social Studies, and believe it or not, 7th/8th Physical Education for eight years. Now as a North Star Gryphon teaching 7th grade ELA, Social Studies, Life Skills, and Enrichment and I look forward to all the exciting adventures my students and I will embark on together!
    Please contact me at - 
    650-482-2411  extension 3262