• Project Cornerstone is a YMCA of Silicon Valley Initiative.  This program is provided by the Clifford PTO. Project Cornerstone helps students to know:

    • I mean something to the people in my world
    • I make a difference in the world
    • I know what’s expected of me and what behaviors are “in bounds” and “out of bounds”
    • I have balance in my life between activities that challenge me and activities that refresh me
    • I like to learn new things
    • I try my best to “do the right thing” and I believe it’s’ important to help others
    • I know how to make good choices and build positive relationships

    Students grades K-5th learn skills that will help them thrive as both students and humans through volunteer led book discussions.  Find out more about Project Cornerstone here: https://www.ymcasv.org/projectcornerstone/