Dual Language Learner

  • The Dual Language Learner program is a model where native Spanish speaking students acquire proficiency in their primary language and learn English as a second language. Much of the curriculum and materials are in the primary language. English is increasingly used for instruction as students move up the grades, but one or two subjects remain in the primary language so that literacy in both languages can be maintained.

    The goals of the program are:
    1. To attain high levels of biliteracy in Spanish and English
    2. To meet grade level state content standards as per district and state requirements
    3. To develop positive self-esteem through the validation of the primary language

    Redwood City School District’s Dual Language Learner program is consistent with research findings, which demonstrate that such parity and academic proficiency in English is best promoted by providing access to the core curriculum through the home language of the students, supplemented by rigorous, content-based English language development instruction and specially designed academic instruction in English. In English language classrooms the primary medium of instruction is English and the home language may be used to clarify and check for comprehension and to support the instructional process as needed.

    RCSD follows state required academic standards for all students in the areas of reading, writing, mathematics, and English Language Development, to ensure all students are college and career ready. In order to monitor student performance, the district has a systematic assessment program aligned with the curriculum standards and the Redwood City School District Board of Trustees has defined quantifiable goals for student progress toward the standards. Progress toward the goals and objectives are evaluated yearly for their effectiveness in improving student learning and student achievement.

    The Dual Language Learner program is offered at Garfield, Hoover, and Taft community schools.