• North Star Outreach Specialists




    This year North Star is fortunate to have two Outreach Specialist to help with student success.  If you have a student in need of a Section 504 Support Plan for medical reasons (504) or a concern with classroom learning that requires meeting with all the educational team - a Student Success Team (SST) then please contact one of our Outreach Specialists.

    Gina Sitte

    Gina Sitte has been at North Star since 2014 and in RCSD since 2010 (at Roy Cloud, Clifford, Kennedy, and Henry Ford).  She currently work at NSA four days per week. Mrs. Sitte provides individual counseling and runs various small groups throughout the year, working closely with our Star Vista Therapist.  She runs our two Gryphon Art Clubs (one for grades 3 - 5 and one for grades 6 - 8, drop in lunch time clubs) and two Gryphon Readers Book Clubs (also one elementary and one middle, also drop in at lunch time), and oversees our Buddy Teams program for all students.  After school you can find her 2 days per week running the Shine Homework Club for middle school students.

    Project Cornerstone and the campus-wide Social Emotional Learning (SEL) program are also under her direction.  Each month she trains and works with parent volunteers and staff to bring direct SEL lessons to our students. Some topics covered are: inclusivity, empathy, respect, friendships, conflict resolution, self-regulation, and kindness.

    Mrs. Sitte is on campus Tuesdays - Fridays each week, and can be reached by email, gsitte@rcsdk8.net, or by calling 650-482-2411, ex. 3445. 

    Ann Lucero

    Ann Lucero is our Outreach Specialist on campus on Mondays.  She was a classroom teacher before becoming an Outreach Specialist.  And brings several years experience to North Star.  She will be working with students and helping to run SST and 504 meetings for our students' success.



    Please contact me at:

    gsitte@rcsdk8.net -or- alucero@rcsdk8.net

    or at 

    482-2411 ext 3445