•  Mrs. Comfort

    Hello!  I am Gloria Aguiñiga Comfort, Mrs. Comfort or Maestra Gloria.  I became a math teacher in 1996.  I have taught math in Oceanside High School, UCSD, and Sequoia High School.  After a 9 year hiatus, I am now teaching Algebra at Kennedy Middle School.  I am a native of Redwood City and went through RCSD. I do speak Spanish and have been fortunate to teach math in Spanish. I am excited to be back in the classroom teaching math. You can email me at gcomfort@rcsdk8.net.


    ¡Hola! Soy Gloria Aguiñiga Comfort, Señora Comfort o Maestra Gloria. Me convertí en maestra de matemáticas en 1996. He enseñado matemáticas en Oceanside High School, UCSD y Sequoia High School. Después de un hiato de 9 años, ahora estoy enseñando Álgebra en la Escuela Intermedia Kennedy. Soy nativa de Redwood City y pasé por RCSD. Hablo español y he tenido la fortuna de enseñar matemáticas en español. Estoy emocionado de estar de vuelta en el aula enseñando matemáticas. Me puede mandar correo electronico a gcomfort@rcsdk8.net.


    Algebra I Syllabus

    2018-2019       Kennedy Middle School     Mrs. Comfort       gcomfort@rcsdk8.net

    Course Description

    Algebra 1 is a yearlong course. Symbolic reasoning and calculations with symbols are central in algebra. Through the study of algebra, a student develops an understanding of the symbolic language of mathematics and the sciences. In addition, algebraic skills and concepts are developed and used in a wide variety of problem-solving situations. 


    Daily Supplies

    • Good Attitude
    • Graph paper notebook
    • A #2 pencil, an eraser, and a blue or black ink pen
    • Chromebook for ebook, CC Algebra 1, CPM
    • You need to see our Google Classroom daily to see your assignments.



    Attendance is critically important to your success in this class.

    1. Missing class can create problems as we work through the unit.

    2. Keep up with your work – email me or check our Google Classroom

    3. Tests and quizzes that are missed must be made-up as soon as possible at a mutually agreed upon date/time.


    •    65% allocated to individual tests and quizzes
    •   35% allocated to homework, math lab projects, warm-ups, toolkit checks, and class work

    Tests and Quizzes

    An individual test and several quizzes will be given for each unit.  These are the most important parts of your grade (65%). Students need to study and do homework to adequately prepare for these tests and quizzes.  Expect a quiz or a test approximately once per week.

    Daily Assignments - Check PowerSchool and/or Google Classrooms for Assignment description and due dates.

    There will be an assignment given every day.  Points will be given based on completeness and accuracy.  On occasion, we will also have homework quizzes where selected problems are copied right off of your assignments for points.  Please keep your assignments in your binder until the end of each unit/chapter so you can be certain that it is accurately recorded.  Include your name, date, and assignment number in the top right hand corner of each assignment.  If you were absent, please add “absent.”  No late work will be accepted with the exception of excused absences and extenuating circumstances.

    All of your work contributes to your understanding of the course content and is taken into consideration in determining your grade.  The items listed above will be given points based on the quality of your work, completeness, mastery of material, timeliness, etc. Please do your best!

    Grades will be updated approximately every two weeks.  It is your responsibility to keep track of your own grade and keep all of your papers to use for studying and in case of any grade discrepancies. 

    Please do not ask for your grade during class time. If you need to discuss missing work or grades, meet with me before / after class or schedule some other time to meet with me outside of class.

    Extra Help

    Be sure to take advantage of all of the opportunities for help in this class.  I am available in my classroom during brunch and lunch (except Wednesdays) and at other times by appointment.  Also, please understand that your study team/partner is an excellent resource. 

    To maintain your grade in this course, please insist on assistance when needed!