• Hello,

    My name is Julie Gordon and I've been teaching in the Redwood City School District since 2010. I've taught 6th and 7th Grade Math, 7th Grade Science, and 7th Grade Social Studies. I've taught at Selby Lane, Roosevelt, and Kennedy Middle School. I'm currently teaching 7th Grade Math, 7th Grade Accelerated Math, and Physical Education.


    Some of my passions include cycling, skiing, reading, and hiking.

    Homework policy: Monday through Thursday

    Room: 316

    EMAIL ME: jgordon@rcsdk8.net


    Grading Rubric

    10     Excellent work. Answers are written in complete sentences, work is shown, and there are thorough descriptions when necessary.

    8       Incomplete work that isn't written in complete sentences and work isn't thoroughly shown.

    6       Half- completed work/ no homework portion.

    4       Some work completed.

    0       Missing assignment


    Weighted Grades

    50%     Assessments (homework quiz, chapter test, projects

    50%     Daily assignments (classwork, homework, and dreambox)