The Kennedy Hall of Fame was founded in 2001 by teacher Bret Baird in collaboration with alumnus Gary Beban, for the purpose of providing inspirational role models for Kennedy students. There were 11 illustrious alumni in the first group of inductees, and 13 have been added to date (January 2017). The members, listed alphabetically, are:

    Name: Keith Bautista

    Year inducted: 2000

    Year graduated from Kennedy (Goodwin): 1954

    Message to students: “The message of this Hall of Fame is that one does not achieve anything in this lifespan given to us without persistence and perseverance.”

    Notable achievements: Three-time league wrestling champion at Sequoia High. Eight years in the Marine Corps Reserve. President of DES Architects and Engineers, designers of the Kennedy gym. Chairman, Redwood City/San Mateo County Chamber of Commerce.

    Name: Gary Beban

    Year inducted: 2000

    Year graduated from Kennedy (Goodwin): 1960

    Message to students: (With mother born in Italy and father first-generation Croatian) “I have a greater appreciation for the good fortune of being born an American and raised in a country that allows individuals to achieve their goals.”

    Notable achievements: In 1967 as UCLA quarterback, won Heisman Trophy, given to the nation’s best college football player. Senior executive with Coldwell Banker Richard Ellis, worldwide commercial real estate company.

    Name: Spencer Folau

    Year inducted: 2001

    Year graduated from Kennedy: 1987

    Message to students: “Look inside yourselves and find your strengths, may it be music, art, science, sports, math – whatever. Stay focused and never give up.”

    Notable achievements: Spent eight seasons in the NFL and played for the Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl winners in 2000.

    Name: Mike Garcia

    Year inducted: 2000

    Year graduated from Kennedy: 1971

    Message to students: “It was the experience here at Kennedy, not only with the teachers in the classroom but also with the sports (that made me want to be a coach).”  

    Notable achievements: Played professional baseball in the Atlanta Braves organization from 1979 to 1985, then coached at Can~ada College in Redwood City from 1985 until injuries suffered in a team bus accident ended his coaching career in 2001.

    Name: Daniela Gasparini

    Year inducted: 2000

    Year graduated from Kennedy: 1978

    Message to students: “What a great nurturing place this was. If I was taught anything it was to dream and dream big. Our teachers told us to ‘Go for it.’”

    Notable achievements:  A long and varied record of community service, including mayor of Redwood City and Chamber of Commerce Person of the Year.


    Name: Jaqui Guzman

    Year inducted: 2008

    Year graduated from Kennedy: 1994

    Message to students: Jaqui says she hopes her story -- the daughter of Mexican immigrants who worked hard for a better future for her and her siblings – will inspire other Latinos to pursue higher education and follow their career goals.  

    Notable achievements:  Master’s degree in public policy from UCLA. Career in public administration that includes work on education issues at the Legislative Analyst’s Office of the California Legislature.


    Name: Dennis Haussler

    Year inducted: 2009

    Year graduated from Kennedy: 1971

    Message to students: “Believe in yourself, even when you’re not sure where you’re going. Be willing to take chances and face fear on a regular basis. It’s YOUR world, make it what you want. Be true to yourself.”

    Notable achievements:  Four-time U.S. men’s spearfishing champion, twice World Cup spearfishing champion.


    Name: Kristina Holland

    Year inducted: 2010

    Year graduated from Kennedy (Goodwin): 1957

    Message to students: “I believe the greatest gift a parent can give to his or her child is a      love of learning.”

    Notable achievements:  Before getting her Ph.D. in psychology and starting a “second career” as a licensed psychologist, Kristina spent more than 35 years as a professional actress in stage, television and film productions.

    Name: Jeff Johnson

    Year inducted: 2000

    Year graduated from Kennedy (Goodwin): 1955

    Message to students: “If you think it’s important to be like everyone else, I urge you to reconsider. Seek out the different ones among you. Find out what they’re like. Be curious about their interests. I promise you: You will be pleasantly surprised.”

    Notable achievements:  Developed the first line of Nike athletic shoes with Phil Knight after becoming Nike’s Employee No. 1 in 1964. The iconic company name came out of his head. A Nike ad describes him as “unconventional” and “intensely curious” and says “his fascination with tying his shoes led to our Variable Width Lacing System.”


    Name: Jorge Martinez

    Year inducted: 2011

    Year graduated from Kennedy: 1994

    Message to students: “Never give up, and always shoot for the sky. Even if you miss, you will hit the stars.”

    Notable achievements: Led Sequoia High School to 1994 and 1995 league soccer titles, becoming league MVP twice. Freshman of the Year and four-time first team all conference at San Jose State and a first team All-American selection in 2000. Drafted by the San Jose Earthquakes in 2000.  


    Name: Mike McCurry

    Year inducted: 2000

    Year graduated from Kennedy: 1968

    Message to students: “Kennedy Junior High was a great place to start growing up. It’s where I discovered band, girls, politics. I learned about campaigns and started doing some of those things that helped me later in my career. So I want to say to the faculty, the staff, the administration – you’re my Hall of Fame.”

    Notable achievements: White House press secretary for President Bill Clinton. Spokesman for the Department of State and Sens. John Glenn, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Bob Kerrey and Lloyd Bentsen.  Professor of public theology.


    Name: Arthur Miller

    Year inducted: 2006

    Year graduated from Kennedy (Goodwin): 1956

    Message to students: “Follow your dreams, but be willing to accept alternatives and be flexible, and who knows, you might meet the person you most love in grammar school.”

    Notable achievements:  First student body president at Woodside High. Ph.D. in physiology. Pioneering orthodontdics researcher at UCSF.

    Name: Marilyn Lousin-Miller

    Year inducted: 2006

    Year graduated from Kennedy (Goodwin): 1957

    Message to students: “Always believe in yourself and commit with a passion that will endeavor to help others.”

    Notable achievements: School principal and superintendent in Hillsborough, winner of many international, national, state and local awards.

    Name: Lydia Pense

    Year inducted: 2000

    Year graduated from Kennedy (Goodwin): 1962

    Message to students: “My very first audience experience was when I entered the school’s talent show. I sang a Brenda Lee song, “I Want To Be Wanted.”

    Notable achievements: A big band, big voice singer in the Bay Area, beginning in the 1960s.  Lead singer for the band Cold Blood.

    Name: John Radetich

    Year inducted: 2002

    Year graduated from Kennedy (Goodwin): 1962

    Message to students: “When I was at Goodwin/Kennedy, my PE teacher Mr. Callas encouraged me to do the high jump. I was only 5 feet tall, and when I jumped 4 feet 11 inches at the city meet and finished second, I was in seventh heaven.”

    Notable achievements: Set professional indoor track world high jump record in 1976 with a leap of 7 feet 6 inches. First to jump 7 feet using both the straddle and Fosbury Flop style.

    Name: Jeff Richardson

    Year inducted: 2000

    Year graduated from Kennedy: 1973

    Message to students: “Make a list of your goals and dreams, look at them often. Have a little bit of fun each day.”

    Notable achievements:  Graduate of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Flight captain for American Airlines.

    Name: Harvey Shank

    Year inducted: 2000

    Year graduated from Kennedy (Goodwin): 1960

    Message to students: “I was fortunate to have grown up at Kennedy.”

    Notable achievements:  Three-sport standout posted a 1.10 earned run average pitching for Stanford in 1968, then was drafted by the California Angels (earned run average of 0.00 in his three Major League innings). Worked 29 years as sales and marketing executive for the NBA Phoenix Suns.

    Name: Dick Sharon

    Year inducted: 2000

    Year graduated from Kennedy: 1964

    Message to students: “I went through sports, I played ball, I finished ball, then I became a father. Then I really realized how lucky a person I am.”

    Notable achievements:  Fly fishing guide in Montana. All-around athlete at Sequoia, No. 1 draft choice of the Detroit Tigers out of high school, had an injury-shortened three-year career in the majors.


    Name: Caara Shayne

    Year inducted: 2004

    Year graduated from Kennedy: 1979

    Message to students: “I was a skinny, frizzy-haired nerd. I was about as popular as study hall. I was the kid that everybody picked on. … Support one another. It may just be that your kindness and support gives someone that little bit of confidence that they need to help achieve their goals.”

    Notable achievements:  in 2005). International magazine cover girl and advertising  model (“I can’t believe it’s not butter”). Television host.

    Name: Michael Shrieve

    Year inducted: 2000

    Year graduated from Kennedy (Goodwin): 1963

    Message to students: “I urge parents and teachers and schools not to turn your back on music, or the rest of the arts. … There are a lot of things that really matter that you can’t judge on a test score.”

    Notable achievements:  Original drummer for Santana and a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Writing, performing and producing credits include best-selling recordings including The Rolling Stones, Bill Frisell and Freddie Hubbard.

    Name: Marilyn Silicani

    Year inducted: 2007

    Year graduated from Kennedy (Goodwin): 1961

    Message to students: “They don’t care what you know until they know you care. No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself.”

    Notable achievements:  Teacher and administrator in Redwood City schools for 36 years. Leading advocate for teaching the whole child. Proud moments include helping create the Standardized Based Writing Program and the Roy Cloud Learning Garden.


    Name: Kiron Skinner

    Year inducted: 2005

    Year graduated from Kennedy: 1974

    Message to students: “I was the first black kid to run for student office. The theme of my speech was chance, and that theme of taking chances in life has stuck with me.”

    Notable achievements: Harvard Ph.D. in political science. Foreign policy and international relations research fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford. Conducted research for two secretaries of state, George Shultz and Condoleezza Rice.

    Name: John Solheim

    Year inducted: 2003

    Year graduated from Kennedy (Goodwin): 1960

    Message to students: “Goodwin (Kennedy) is a very special place to me. It is the only school where I was able to complete all the grades available. I attended 11 different schools, and being able to stay at Kennedy allowed me to enjoy the teachers and friends from school.”

    Notable achievements:  Helped his dad, Karsten, develop PING EYE 2 irons, the most popular in golf. Did most of the production of the PING putters in the garage of their home on Glennan Drive in 1959. Holds numerous patents for golf clubs and bags. Chairman and CEO of PING, Inc. and Karsten Manufacturing Corp.

    Name: Arthur Ting

    Year inducted: 2001

    Year graduated from Kennedy: 1965

    Message to students: “One of the most patriotic gestures that I shall never forget was when the school district elected to change the name of the school from Goodwin to John F. Kennedy (in 1964, a year after Kennedy’s assassination).”

    Notable achievements:  Orthopedic surgeon. Head team physician for San Jose Sharks, San Jose Earthquakes, San Jose Sabercats, Menlo School and College, Woodside High School, Can~ada College.