• EMAIL ME: kjorgensen@rcsdk8.net

    Hello my name is Kelly Jorgensen and I teach 6th grade Science at Kennedy Middle School.  I have been at Kennedy since 2016 and have loved every minute of it.


    I am a California native and reside in San Mateo.  I went to Aragon High School, CSU Sacramento, and NDNU.  I have a Masters Degree in Teaching and Curriculum and an Administrative Credential.


    You can find me in Room B7.  I believe that students are their best when we allow them to be their best.  I try to set my students up to succeed each and every day.  I do not assign daily homework, but the students are responsible for turning in their BEST work.  School should be fun, but it cannot be fun if we are not prepared.


    I am available to help students before school, after school, and during lunch.  Please make an appointment to make sure that I am free.

    Hobbies: playing, watching, living, breathing sports.  I love to watch my nephews and niece play sports.  I have a granddaughter that is so fun to play with.

    Go Giants, Warriors, 49ers, and Patriots.  Tom Brady=G.O.A.T.




    Miss Jorgensen B7


    Welcome to 6th grade Science!  The expectation is that you (and I) will work from bell to bell during our time together.  Be present, be engaged, and we will become Scientists!

    You will need:

    Composition Notebook

    Something to write with

    A good attitude

    Chromebook (charged)



    Time of Year



    Launch Like an Engineer


    Notebook work, collaboration



    Notebook work, quizzes, tests, projects

    Weather and Climate Change


    Notebook work, quizzes, tests, projects

    Genetics and Adaptations


    Notebook work, quizzes, tests, projects

    Cells and Body Systems


    Notebook work, quizzes tests, projects

    Stanford Help4Kids


    Note taking from videos, classwork

    Marine Science Institute

    Year Round

    Journal, quizzes, projects, participation, water-quality testing

    Health Connected


    Packet with worksheets (done in class)

    We will be attending a minimum of 5 field trips this year, so be prepared for canoeing and walking to Stulsaft Park.  On field trip days, you will be required to bring materials that will be determined at a later date.