• Hello my name is Thomas Schemkes and I teach 6th grade Science at Kennedy Middle School.  I love to teach about the world of science and its history, which started at the dawn of civilization with the Egyptians, Incas, Chinese, and many others.


    I have a Masters Degree in Teaching and Curriculum and an Administrative Credential and reside in Los Gatos, close enough to surf when time permits! I am self-published and also writing an historical fiction.


    I am blessed with two daughters who are also the top of their classes, the elder applying for UCs this year.  I love living in Silicon Valley and enjoy working with EdTech organizations and such Startups, accessing the wealth of resources in our area.


    I try to set my students up to succeed each and every day.  I do not assign daily homework, but the students are responsible for turning in their BEST work.  School should be fun, but it cannot be fun if we are not prepared.


    I look forward to working with parents to encourage healthy student habits.


    I am available to help students before school, after school, and by appointment.


    Office Hours: 3:05-3:30 (by appointment)

    Email: tschemkes@rcsdk8.net