Mission Statement

    The mission of our Hall of Fame is to provide our students with alumni mentors and role models who have achieved success in a variety of professions
    Among the Kennedy School graduates shown above and below are a Heisman Trophy winner, a Press Secretary to a President of the United States of America, two musicians—one a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, major league baseball players, business executives, and a pilot ... charter members of the Kennedy Middle School Hall of Fame!
    Shown above are pictures taken at the ceremony in March, 2001 of those Kennedy graduates who could be present and inducted into the Kennedy Hall of Fame along with the dedication of our new Gary Beban gymnasium.

    What a night!

    To learn more about all of our Hall of Fame charter members please click the names below:
    Can you help us?

    We need help finding other outstanding graduates of our school who should be honored! If you happen to know of one or more graduates of Kennedy Middle School, originally Goodwin School, in Redwood City, California who might be someone we should honor, please send an email message to Mr. Bret Baird:


    Or call (650) 365-4611 and leave a message for Mr. Baird.

    Thank you!