• New Parent Information

    Information for New Orion Parents

    First of all, congratulations on joining our school and community. We love our school and hope you will too.

    To help you in these few weeks, we've put together this one page document explaining most of what you need to know to be successful at Orion.

    Fortunately our new Principal, Cathy Okubo, sent a great welcoming letter containing most of the pertinent information. Here you will find many sections of that letter.

    As a new parent, the most disconcerting aspect of Orion is the parent participation experience. In the parent participation section you will find a hopefully clear explanation of what's expected of you and how we make the system work.

    Without further ado, here's the document. If anything is inaccurate or missing, please contact the Webmaster using the link at the bottom of this page.

    School Hours

    Regular and punctual school attendance ensures a child's smooth adjustment to school and academic success. Attendance is taken at 8:15 each morning. If your child arrives late, check into the office before going to the classroom. School hours and dismissal times are as follows:

    Kindergarten: 8:10-1:30 PM
    Grades 1-5: 8:10-2:30 PM

    Thursday early release time for all students: 1:30 PM,
    Regular minimum days and pre-holiday dismissal: 1:30 PM
    No student supervision before 8:00 AM and after 2:40 PM
    Morning recess: 9:40-10:00 AM for K/1, 10:00-10:20 AM for 2-5

    If your child is going to be absent, call the school office the morning of the absence.

    School Emergency Cards and Forms

    For your children's safety, the school emergency cards must be returned the first day of school. Students may be release only to adults named on the emergency cards.

    Return completed school emergency cards: By the first day of school.
    Return completed 'Back to School Packet': By Wednesday, September 8th.

    Student Drop-off and Pickup, Parking

    Student safety is our priority and it is important that you help us educate your children about pedestrian safety. Also, as parents, it is imperative that you follow the rules and be role models for your children.

    Student drop off and pickup: Allerton Street entrance. If your child is not outside waiting, drive around the block until your child comes out.

    Pick up your child quickly; we don't want to cause a traffic jam.

    Children must be dropped off and picked up using the passenger side of the car. Using the driver's side is much to dangerous!

    Students must use the crosswalks when crossing the street.

    Vehicles must not block the Handicap Parking spaces, double park, leave the vehicles unattended, nor leave children in the vehicle unattended.

    Limited parking is available on the streets around the school. Please allow yourself time to park and walk to the school.

    School Lunch Program

    Lunch service will start the first day of school. If possible, try and prepay lunches one week, or one month, in advance. This helps the lines move quickly. Applications for free and reduced lunches are sent in the Back to School Parent Packet the first day of school. Each child is issued a lunch card; there is a replacement charge for lost cards. Parents of younger students should send a nutritional snack and a beverage, no glass.

    Lunch prices are:

    Full lunch: $1.75
    Reduced payment for lunch: $0.40
    Adult lunch: $2.00
    Morning Nutritional Snacks: $.25-$1.00.
    Milk and juice: $.25

    Kindergartners will not receive free or reduced lunches until they are approved by the district. You must send a lunch with your child until you are approved (usually about two weeks).

    Student Dress

    Send your children to school in comfortable and appropriate clothing attire. Shoes with covered toes and heels are best for running and playing.

    Orion T-shirts and sweatshirts will be available for purchase.

    Label all clothing and accessories: e.g. jackets, hats, backpacks, lunch boxes The Lost and Found Box is in the hallway. Check it once in a while. Unclaimed items are donated to charity in December, April and June.

    Personal Objects, Games,Toys

    Personal object are highly discouraged. When children bring a toy or electronic device to school it can cause academic distractions or get lost. Please, have your child leave them at home. Orion School is not responsible for any lost or damaged personal items.

    Parent Participation

    Parent participation is so important that it has its very own page: check it out.

    After School Care

    There is no before or after school care at the school. Depending on the number signing up, some providers will pickup from our site.

    Kids Klub, Red Morton Center, 1120 Roosevelt Ave. #780-7340
    PCC Peninsula Covenant after School Care, 3560 Farm Hill, #365-1946
    Sequoia YMCA After School Program, 1445 Hudson, #368-4168

    Home/School Communication

    Communication is the key to staying informed. We have several means of communication:

    Classroom newsletters Weekly School Star Bulletin Orion's web site: www.orionschool.org.

    All of the above should be available in this website. Other means of communication include:

    School conferences Staff e-mail ( format: first initial, last name @rcsd.k12.ca.us) Call the office at 363-0611 appointments with teachers (call in advance), call 363-0611

    Technology Use

    Students may only use the computers and internet for school purposes. A current signed RCSD Technology Use Agreement must be on file. Parent volunteers may only use the computers for school purposes and must have an agreement on file.