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    John F. Kennedy Middle School is committed to providing equal access to high-quality education for all students grades 6-8. We are located on the corner of Goodwin Avenue and Connecticut Drive. Our office staff in the main building assists with attendance, forms, questions and anything else you might need, from 8am to 4pm. Our Family Center coordinates with community partners and sponsors to go beyond the students' academic needs and meet their emotional, physical, and social needs as well.
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    What Does Kennedy Middle School Have to Offer Your Child? 


    1.  A Commitment to Easing Your Child's Transition from Elementary School to High School 

    As a school consisting only of grades 6-8, Kennedy provides a haven for middle schoolers to learn in a safe environment and become comfortable with themselves as they transition from K-5. This transition begins with the Summer Bridge Program, a week in June in which incoming 6th graders become acquainted with the school, meet each other, and do team-building activities! These 6th graders then start class in the fall in the B-Quad, a rectangle of classrooms enclosing a courtyard, separate from the rest of the school.
    Not only does Kennedy provide a transition from 5th to 6th grade, however; it prepares students to transition to high school where students rotate through teachers who specialize in distinct subjects. In keeping with area high school bell schedules, Kennedy has also introduced block schedules on two days of the week.

    2.  AVID Class

    Kennedy Middle School is proud to offer AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination), an innovative education program whose mission is to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society. This program gives our students an edge on getting into the extremely competitive AVID classes at all the surrounding high schools in the Sequoia Union High School District.

    3.  Performing Arts/Art Programs 

    Creativity is encouraged. Students can choose from a variety of Arts' electives: music, drama, and art.
    Kennedy's instrumental music program (Orchestra and Band) puts on recitals for the family and community twice a year and advance classes participate in competitions. Students may choose any instrument to try, from flute to violin to drums. In Choir, students have the opportunity to enhance their vocal skills through singing, song repertoire, listening skills, and reading music.
    In our drama program, students not only get to learn about theater and how to act--they get it to live it out in action. Students audition in the fall for a play to be held in Spring. All students are encouraged to participate as part of the cast or technical crew.
    Future artists can experiment with various media in our dedicated art workshop. Students will learn the basics of line drawing, painting, perspective and can opt to try photograph, papier mache, clay sculpting and using the pottery wheel.

    4.  Spanish Immersion Program

    Students with prior instruction in Spanish are welcome to enroll in our Spanish immersion program where Social Studies and Science are taught in Spanish. Students continue to enhance their use of grammar and writing skills and usually will start High School in a Spanish Level 3 class.

    5.  Technology and Other Electives

    Kennedy believes in choice for enrichment of our students; in addition to art, music, and drama, we offer Robotics, where coding and programming of robots are taught. Technology class is a problem/project-based elective that addresses real-world issues through integration of technology and relevant 21st-century skills and lastly, Mouse Squad, an elective that uses the California Mouse Squad Curriculum (www.mouseca.org) to explore careers in technology, as well as develop leadership skills related to robotics, gaming, and web design.
    For those interested in writing, we offer a Journalism/Creative Writing elective where the class explores different genres of writing and reading.

    6.  Leadership Opportunities 

    Kennedy Student Council takes an active leadership role in promoting school spirit. Students meet weekly with administration to plan and execute school events, such as spirit days, school dances, Thursday Fun Lunch, etc. They also help at Student of the Month ice cream awards, fundraise with candy grams, lead sports assemblies and dress up as the Cougar, tend to the garden, and participate in other service projects. They are models for their peers.

    7.  Physical Education and After-School Sports

    Kennedy staffs three full-time PE teachers and has a large gymnasium with bleachers, an electronic scoreboard, a sound system, basketball hoops, volleyball nets, and a rock-climbing wall. The school also has a track and baseball diamonds, spin cycles, and locker rooms.
    Kennedy participates in competitive Redwood City After-School Sports Leagues such as basketball and volleyball. Students get the opportunity to learn sports techniques, develop self-esteem, and teamwork from Kennedy teachers who also coach.
    8.  Expeditions
    Kennedy is proud to offer educational expeditions for each grade level. Participation is optional and selection criteria may apply.
    In 6th grade, students are encouraged to attend a 5-day trip to Yosemite in late fall, where students explore the geology and natural wonders of this National Park. The program is lead by trained naturalists. A few parents may volunteer as chaperones.
    In 7th grade, a 10-day once-in-a-lifetime trip to the Grand Canyon in the Spring is not to be missed. Participants will camp on the South Rim and backpack down the canyon to the Hava Supai Reserve and camp there for a few nights while keeping science journals and learning about that environment. Students also learn independence, teamwork, leadership skills and so much more from this experience. The expedition is lead by a team of teachers and professionals who have signed on for a 5-year commitment. Fund-raising opportunities for the trip will be available.

    9.  Extracurricular Activities and Extended Day Learning 

    Extracurricular activities that are non-sports-related change year to year. In past years, the following activities have been offered: Math Olympiad, Marine Science Institute Workshop, Coding, Robotics, Dungeons and Dragons, and Paddling. Please see the office for this year's offerings. Students are welcome to start clubs with the approval of administration.
    Kennedy offers an extended day learning program, REACH, that continues until 6 pm. This program provides Recreation, Enrichment, Academic intervention and homework support, Community services, and health services to any student who needs after school supervision or help. Please contact the Family Center to learn more.

    10. Counseling & Anti-Bullying Services 

    The Family Center has a full-time counselor and multiple counselors who can meet with the same student consistently. Counselors offer individual therapy, group counseling, and emotional support to students who are facing emotional rough patches or tough situations.
    The staff is trained to handle any bullying situations. Students are also now offered Restorative Justice in appropriate situations.

    11. Family Support Services 

    The Kennedy Family Center (KFC) offers a monthly food bank, Second Harvest, of fresh vegetables and fruits as well as milk, chicken, and canned food for the Kennedy community. The Center also offers school supplies such as backpacks and binders and PE clothes for students who need them. Family counseling and welfare sign-ups are also available and the center works with donors and partners to provide holiday gifts to families. You can drop by the KFC 8 am-4 pm Mon-Fri for handouts on services and available community resources.

    12. Opportunities for Parent Involvement

    Kennedy boasts a strong PTO, with designated officer roles and monthly meetings open to every Kennedy parent. Parents are involved in fundraising, school development, and volunteering at school events. See the PTO page for more information. 

    13. 8th Grade Graduation and High School Entrance

    Kennedy hosts a High School Fair where various public, charter, and private schools attend to provide information about their schools. We typically communicate information regarding high school information nights and shadow days in the fall.
    At the end of the year, eighth-graders have a special graduation ceremony followed by a dance. The graduation ceremony is held on the large school field and all are welcome to attend.


    Questions? Want to learn more?

    Please contact the main office at (650) 482-2409 or the Family Center at (650) 482-2110.
    Principal Sabrina Adler, Assistant Principals, Chandra Leonardo, and David Camarena along with Community School Coordinator, Liz Calderon-Garcia look forward to meeting you!
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