• We are a Community School!
    Somos una Escuela Comunitaria! 
    What is a community school?
    Full Service Community School refers to an approach and an organizational concept aimed at achieving educational success and physical, social, and emotional well-being for students, families, and community. 
    ¿Qué es una escuela comunitaria? 
    Escuela Comunitaria se refiere a un enfoque y un concepto de organización destinada a lograr el éxito educativo y físico, social, emocional y el bienestar de los estudiantes, las familias y la comunidad. 
    Who are some of our partners supporting our success? 
    We have many partner organizations working right here on the Hoover campus to support our students and families! Click here to see a list of partner organizations and program descriptions.
    ¿Quiénes son algunos de nuestros socios de Hoover que apoyan nuestro éxito? Second Harvest Food Bank, Boys and Girls Club, el condado de San Mateo, Star Vista y más que 45 socios en la comunidad!
    What does our community school do?

    Quality InstructionCommunity schools, first and foremost, emphasize learning.  Students are held to high academic standards and benefit from school-based curricula and instruction to help them meet these standards.


    Partnerships - comprehensive array of services such as academic support, enrichment activities, social and emotional learning supports and strategies, access to basic needs resources and government benefits, adult education and family engagement strategies are brought to campus to address the needs of students, and are integrated into the school fabric.


    Shared Leadership The community school model calls for true collaboration so that partners work together on planning, implementation, evaluation, advocacy and decision-making.


    Coordination and Integration Programs and services are coordinated and supported by a Community School Coordinator. This allows for Principals to focus on academics, teaching and instruction, and overall school administrations while the Community School Coordinator focuses on all non-academic services and community-school partnerships. Everyone on campus is working towards the same set of goals.


    Redwood City Community Schools
    Hoover Community School is one of six community schools in the Redwood City School District. The other schools are Fair Oaks Community School; Garfield Community School, Hawes School, Kennedy Middle School and Taft Community School.
    Community Schools Involvement Strategies
    • Family Engagement: Adult Education, Outreach; Leadership; Events, Volunteerism; Coaching and Support
    • Extended Day Learning Programs: Before and After School Programs; clubs, sports, youth leadership, summer programs
    • Family Support Services:  Counseling, access to benefits, health insurance, referrals, basic needs ; food resources
    • Coordination of Services: SST meetings, Community School Task Force