• Jostens Renaissance

    What is Renaissance? Renaissance means renewal , life, vigor, and interest. It is a revival. It is a journey to Excellence in Education It's a process that encourages academic excellence, improvement, and citizenship. Renaissance is an acclaimed educational enrichment program designed to empower your students and educators to recognize and inspire academic performance. Renaissance is the first and only national education-focused program created to recognize and reward the academic achievements of students from elementary school through college. Its primary goals are to increase student performance and teacher enthusiasm, and raise the level of community participation in schools. Renaissance is based on the principles of performance, promotion, improvement, and partnership. Renaissance is a way of recognizing and giving accolades to students for their achievements: In the classroom, on the playing field, on stage, for their behavior, or other accomplishments.

    Renaissance rewards students in ways that are:


    At this time, we are recognizing students for the following:

    Gold: All A’s: All students who receive an A+ average each trimester will be rewarded and recognized.

    White: All A’s and B’s: All students who receive a B+ or to A average each trimester will be rewarded and recognized.

    Blue: .5 GPA improvement for (second and third trimesters) All students who earn a dramatic increase in grade point average from trimester to trimester are rewarded and recognized.

    Citizenship: Students who display exceptional characteristics of honesty, compassion, respect, and responsibility are recognized for outstanding Citizenship.

    Scholar Athlete: who best exemplifies the attributes of character, integrity, and sportsmanship while remaining a team player and role model to other students while maintaining above average grades.

Last Modified on December 8, 2014