• Bruce Robinson

    4th grade Math



    I'm a California native and attended Redwood City public schools myself!  I was a political science major intending to become an attorney when an opprtunity presented itself and I found myself opening Stanford Delicatessen inside the Stanford Shopping Center.   Unfortunately the restaurant taught me that all that glitters is not gold.  A huge (and expensive) learning experience.

    A few years later after a brief stint as an intern working for an attorney and learning law, I found  that it wasn't for me and drifted back into the food business.  Along the way I got married, had children, helped a couple of delis open and build their businesses.  As my kids grew I became involved as a volunteer in the classroom, at the local YMCA, at summer camps, and as a coach.  I came to realize that I enjoyed working with kids, so I returned to school to earn my teacher's credential and a Master's in education.  I started my teaching experience at Selby Lane before moving to North Star Academy 

    It's been a wonderful journey.  Friends ask me to describe teaching.  I usually tell them, "It's the hardest job I EVER LOVED."  Thanks for sharing your kids with me.


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