The Sky's the Limit

    Welcome to the Upper Grades

    Henry Ford 4th Grade

    Mr. Murray


    Mrs. Covacha

    Welcome to the upper grades where you will learn many wonderful and important concepts and skills. 4th grade continues your journey into reading to learn and sharing what you’ve learned through written reports and public speaking in oral presentations. You can look forward to working with others in a variety of ways: partners, table groups, mixed groups, and even independently on different projects throughout the year. All this to prepare you for 5th grade and beyond.

    Areas of Focus Highlights:

    • California geography/history

    • Native people and their role in developing our state

    • California explorers

    • Missions, Ranchos, and Gold Rush

    • Government: ours and those of other countries

    • Rocks and Minerals

    • Magnetism/Electricity/Environments

    • Writing summaries/opinions/information research/comparing and contrasting

    • Using technology for research, creating/sharing presentations, keyboarding/word processing, and practicing math skills

    • Learning and applying new math concepts built upon previous grade level standards and skills

       Come Travel the World With Us!!
    4th Grade Team:
    • Mrs. Covacha - Room 24 scovacha@rcsdk8.net
    • Mr. Murray - Room 25  smurray@rcsdk8.net
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