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    Kennedy Mathematics: Algebra, Science, Technology & Athletics!  

    Mr. John E. Haynes II

    Room 527

    Welcome to John Haynes' website.  I have been at Kennedy Middle School since 2010.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me by phone at (650) 365-4611, ext. 3147, or email at jhaynes@rcsdk8.net to set up an appointment.


    When students delve deeply into mathematics, they gain not only a conceptual understanding of mathematical principles but also knowledge of, and experience with, pure reasoning. One of the most important goals of mathematics is to teach students logical reasoning. The logical reasoning inherent in the study of math­ematics allows for applications to a broad range of situations in which answers to practical problems can be found with accuracy. By grade eight, students’ mathematical sensitivity should be sharpened. Students need to start perceiving logical subtleties and appreciate the need for sound mathematical arguments before making conclusions. As students progress in the study of mathematics, they learn to distinguish between inductive and deductive reasoning; understand the meaning of logical implication; test general assertions; realize that one counterexample is enough to show that a general assertion is false; understand conceptually that although a general assertion is true in a few cases, it is not true in all cases; distinguish between something being proven and a mere plausibility argument; and identify logical errors in chains of reasoning.


    Mathematical reasoning and conceptual understanding are not separate from content; they are intrinsic to the mathematical discipline students master at more advanced levels.


    About Me

    I am the mathematics department chair. I teach 8th-grade common core: HS Algebra, NGSS Science 8, Technology & Engineering 
    I am also the athletic director, so I go by Coach Haynes.
    I have taught life science, physical science, reading intervention and mathematics in the past.
    I like Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. I like to travel, and I like clothes and shoes.

    Contact Info

    John E. Haynes II
    John F. Kennedy Middle School
    2521 Goodwin Ave.
    Redwood City, CA 94061
    650.365.4611 ph
    650.367.4362 fx


    Supply List

    • Planner
    • Pencil(s) - Mechanical Pencil(s)
    • 3 Notebooks (Notes, Classwork, Homework)
    • A Binder with 3 Dividers (Notes, Classwork, Homework)
    • Calculator - Scientific or Graphing (TI - 84 plus CE Edition)

    • Graph/Quad Paper
    • Geometry Tool Kit (Geometry Only)

    • Cell Phone or Digital Camera (Technology & Engineering Only)
    • Classroom Behavior  

    Main classroom behaviors:
    1)   Participation
    2)   Helping Others, and 
    3)   Being on Task 


    The daily agenda should be written in the student's planner, by the students each day. The agenda will include the daily practice task, the general lesson objective, and the homework.

    Progress Reports 

    Grades will be available online and updated frequently. There will also be a traditional (paper) progress report sent periodically.


    Homework is assigned with each lesson. It is the students' responsibility to complete assignments in a timely manner. Homework is discussed regularly; however, points are allotted at the end of each week. These discussions are to provide clarity and allow students extra time to complete the assignments while progressing towards mastery. 
    There is no penalty for late homework; however, it is recommended that homework is completed in a timely manner to avoid mass accumulation of incomplete works. It is the students' responsibility to assure that all homework has been graded when "late".
    The daily agenda and most assignments will be available online by the end of each school day. . .
    When absent, it is the students' duty to ask for any handouts or notes upon their return.


    10% Homework
    10% Classwork
    20% Projects
    60% Test/Quizzes
    All tests are available for re-take.
    Interactive Classroom
    Google Classroom and various other sites will be used to enhance the classroom experience as we transition deeper into the 21st century. Desk-Top Computers, Laptops and iPads will be in regular use inside and out of the physical classroom.
    If there are any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. . .   Let's have another great year!