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Tina Mercer

Tina Despite the lack of an obvious accent (most of the time), I am Australian but spent many of my formative years in Asia. At the end of 4th grade, my father was transferred to Singapore, where I attended the Singapore American School from 5th grade through to high school graduation. I then made my first move to California for college. After college, I headed back to Melbourne, Australia where I began my first career as a marketing executive, specializing in youth marketing. However after 10 years, I realized that what I really wanted to do was teach kids, not sell to them. And to top it off, I wanted to do it back in California. So I sold up and moved back across the Pacific Ocean.

I have spent my entire teaching career in Redwood City. I spent my first four years at Taft teaching 2nd and 5th grades. I moved to Orion to teach 4th grade and am now back to teaching 5th grade. I am passionate about teaching. I particularly enjoy teaching math and writing, although I feel there is never enough time for the latter. As a teacher, I view my role as more than just an instructor of curriculum, but as someone who can help children build confidence and responsibility. We are citizens of the world, and we need to see ourselves as a part of something bigger. I love working at Orion and feeling a part of the community. I know how lucky I am to have such amazing parent support, in and out of the classroom.

On a personal note, I love cooking, traveling, reading, watching sports (I am a huge sports fan!), playing soccer (which I picked up again after a 25 year hiatus), walking, and spending time with friends and family.

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