• Immunization Requirements for 2020-21

    As RCSD families get ready to start the 2020-21 school year, the district’s Health and Wellness team reminds Kindergarten and 7th Grade parents and guardians to submit their immunization records prior to the first day of school on August 19 as immunization requirements for all California students remain in place for 2020-21.

    The required vaccinations for school entry are as follows:

    Kindergarten students:

    • Physical Health Assessment (CHDP) form - physician’s office can provide
    • 4-5 year old vaccinations
      • Diphtheria, Tetanus, and Pertussis (DTaP, DTP, Tdap, or Td) — 5 doses
      • Polio (OPV or IPV) — 4 doses
      • Hepatitis B — 3 doses
      • Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR) — 2 doses
      • Varicella (Chickenpox) — 2 doses 

    Note: These immunization requirements apply to TK and Kindergarten students.

    7th grade students:

    • Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis (Tdap) —1 dose
    • Varicella (Chickenpox) — 2 doses


    Parents and guardians should contact their child’s healthcare provider to arrange for a well-child visit.