• Residents within the Redwood City School District attendance area are eligible to apply. Children from income-eligible families may receive State-subsidized services for free while other families may pay tuition fees.  Please contact our enrollment office for more information: (650) 482-2417, 903 10th Avenue, Redwood City, CA 94063. Due to a large demand for our programs, families may be placed on a waiting list. Program size is limited by license capacity and availability of state subsidy.

    Enrollment priorities for subsidized preschool services are based on need as defined by the State. We must consider household size and income, parent schooling or employment, parent or child disability, and other need factors. Families must provide documentation of household income or need in order to qualify for services. Private-pay preschool is available for $400 part-time or $870 full-time per month. Please speak with our enrollment specialists to find out more about family fees for state preschool programs.

    Consistent with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), we make reasonable accommodations to serve families of children with special needs. Children with disabilities are enrolled if we are able to provide an appropriate program and if the children do not present a danger to themselves or others.

A student smiles with the festive classroom decorations.

How do I enroll my child? -- ¿Cómo inscribo a mi hijo(a)?

  • Applying to our preschools is now easier than ever! Simply click on the links below to get started. 

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