Official District Social Media Accounts

Official School Social Media Accounts

  • All RCSD schools operate social media accounts to communicate with parents, staff, and the communiy at large. Parents and community members are invited to follow the official social media accounts listed below.

    Note: These accounts are listed as official as they are registered and monitored with and by the department of communications and administrators adhere to the RCSD Web and Social Media Usage Guidelines.


  • Preschools

Adelante Selby Spanish Immersion School

  • Adelante Selby Spanish Immersion School

Clifford School

  • Clifford School

Garfield Community School

  • Garfield Community School

Henry Ford Elementary School

  • Henry Ford Elementary School

Hoover Community School

  • Hoover Community School

Kennedy Middle School

  • Kennedy Middle School

Mandarin Immersion

  • Mandarin Immersion

McKinley Institute of Technology

  • McKinley Institute of Technology

North Star Academy

  • North Star Academy

Orion Alternative Elementary School

  • Orion Alternative Elementary School

Roosevelt School

  • Roosevelt School
  • Escuela Roosevelt

Roy Cloud School

  • Roy Cloud School

Taft Community School

  • Taft Community School