Volunteer for Our Students

  • Thank you for volunteering with students in our school district. Please review the information below to learn about requirements.

    • Volunteer Form
    • Driver’s License
    • Fingerprint Clearance
    • Tuberculosis Clearance

    Step 1: Pick up a Volunteer form at your school office. Once filled out, the school office will
    fax/email your form to RCSD’s Human Resources Department. Your school principal will
    need to sign off and mark if fingerprints will be required. (Fingerprints are required if the
    volunteer will be driving or chaperoning any student(s) without Teacher or Principal supervision
    at any time.

    Step 2: Go to the District Office (750 Bradford Street Redwood City, CA 94063) and pick up a
    Live Scan and TB Assessment Questionnaire form. Please make sure to bring your Driver’s
    License when you come in. At this time, personnel in the HR Department will physically make a
    copy of your Driver’s License.

    Step 3: You will take the Live Scan form to a UPS location or anywhere they offer fingerprinting
    services. *It can take anywhere from one day to two weeks for HR to receive your results. (This
    is an out of pocket expense that will not be reimbursed by the Redwood City School District). This process only needs to be completed once during the tenure of the volunteer in the District.

    Step 4: You will need to provide HR with TB results indicating you are free of Tuberculosis. HR
    will only accept TB results that were completed within the last year. In lieu of a TB test, HR can
    accept the TB Assessment Questionnaire (provided by HR) that must be filled out by your
    Doctor. You will need to renew your Tb test every four years.

    Once all the above steps have been completed, Jennifer Sandoval in the Human Resources
    Department will contact you via email to notify you that you have been cleared to volunteer. At
    this time, the school office will also be notified.

    Your fingerprints will remain in RCSD’s system until your child leaves the school district, or until
    you request to be removed from our volunteer system.

    For any further questions, contact Jennifer Nichols - (650) 423-2249 jnichols@rcsdk8.net