• What is the ELPAC?   

    The ELPAC is a test that:ELPAC Domains

    • Measures how well students understand English when it is not their primary language

    • Provides information that helps your child’s teacher support him or her in the right areas

    • Provides information to parents about their child's progress in learning in English



    Why Do StABC udents Take the ELPAC?



    If a language other than English is identified, California requires students to take the ELPAC.

    Identifying students who need help learning in English is important so English learners can get the support they need to do well in school.





    How Can I Learn More About the Tests My Child is Taking?


    Review the Parent Guide to Understanding
    Available in seven languages

    ELPAC Parent Resources


    Take an ELPAC Practice Test with your child at home.



Last Modified on January 15, 2020