• A message from the Director 



    Redwood City finds itself at a crossroads of contradictions, with District’s students and families caught in the middle. As the city experiences rapid growth, another sector of the city is feeling the financial hardships that come with skyrocketing rents. At the same time, the political climate has created a cloud of fear amongst the community, inhibiting them from seeking resources and support when they need it the most. The district too is increasingly suffering the consequences, manifested in severe enrollment attrition.

    Despite all of this, the commitment to the work of community schools and to serve our most vulnerable youth is clear among every stakeholder: district leaders, principals, partners. The community school team, composed of community school coordinators, family center admins and district staff has worked tirelessly in supporting our families through incredibly difficult times. It’s been an amazing pleasure to grow with this team, I am humbled every single day by our team member’s commitment and spirit of service.


    I am honored to learn from every single person that works at our schools and with our families. There is not a single partner that we have not learned a new best practice, skill, or approach from, every single one of them comes with professionalism, preparation, and limitless generosity towards our students, community, and partnership. I am honored to work with our students and families, who, traditionally labeled “vulnerable” due to systemic imbalances in opportunities are the most resilient and committed people I know.


    Thank you, partner, for everything you do to make this happen.



    Pati Ortiz, Director of Community School Partnerships


    [1] over 40 organizations work at our schools!



Last Modified on January 18, 2019