Community School Coordinators Impact  


    How does community schools impact families? <- Video!


    Community School Coordinators are constantly asking themselves, “How can we do more for our students?” 


    Our coordinators create a haven at their schools' Family Centers and constantly go above and beyond to help students and families. Whether it's providing a new pair of shoes, assisting in filling out forms, doing a home visit, or getting new prescription glasses our coordinators make it happen. Below are some highlights from our Community Schools Coordinators' most recent impact. 


    "Parents strongly recommend Garfield not only because of it's Latino community, but also because of its welcoming environment, a good percentage of Latino teachers, and the always welcoming Family Center," -Iris Godinez, Garfield Community School Coordinator 


    "A student was struggling to see the board in class and was not able to get another pair of glasses through his family's insurance, so I used our family assistance fund to purchase the student prescription glasses. Upon receiving these glasses, the student improved in the classroom."-David Linhares, Hoover Community School Coordinator 


    "A parent was struggling to make ends meet, but was hesitant to ask for help, but when I explained to her that every service provided was confidential we found immediate ways to address her most immediate needs...providing non-perishable food, gift cards, and school supplies."- Elsa Aispuro, Taft Community School Coordinator 


    "Our family center helped a family who had recently arrived in the U.S. I met with the family to find out what their needs were. The family center provided a backpack with school supplies, gift cards for food and clothes/shoes, PE uniforms, and a reduced bus pass with pick-up and drop-off information. Also, they received assistance completing an application for free/reduced lunches, were given an appointment to meet with our on-site health insurance partner, referred to legal aid, and registered for counseling. I continually check in with the student and made sure they were aware of the services available at the family center. The student receives weekly counseling, and is doing well!" - Liz Calderon, Kennedy Community School 


    "Selby Lane's parents completed a “Parent Project” class. The class touched on some very serious and personal issues and for one parent, it helped bring into light some serious needs at home. It was during this time that we realized how serious the matter was and even though harsh decisions had to be made, we sought out help for this family. We are happy to learn that a social worker has been assigned to this family and they are receiving the reinforcement and services they need for their kids and family. " - Cesar Zuniga, Adelante- Selby Community School 







Last Modified on February 14, 2020