• Measure U Citizens' Oversight Committee

    On November 8, 2016, the Redwood City community approved Measure U, an $85 annual educational parcel tax to help preserve local elementary and middle school education for ALL students with funds that are locally controlled.

    As stated in Resolution 25, adopted by the RCSD Board of Trustees on June 22, 2016, funds from Measure U are used to continue enhancing mathematics, science, reading, and writing skills; to attract and retain highly-qualified teachers; to continue enhancing quality arts and music programs, and to update instructional technology and classroom computers.

    The resolution adopted by the Board for Measure U requires reporting and oversight, including formation of a Citizen’s Oversight Committee:

    “Independent Citizen Oversight Committee. The Board shall provide for the creation of an independent citizen oversight committee to oversee the special taxes collected pursuant to the Measure to ensure that moneys raised under this Measure are spent only for the purposes described in this Measure. The Board shall establish, and may revise, requirements regarding the committee’s operation and shall have the option to extend the current Measure W Independent citizen oversight committee and its membership to serve as the independent citizen oversight committee for this Measure.”

    The Independent Citizen’s Oversight Committee is  comprised of nine citizens, including:

    1.    Three parents of current students
    2.    Three community members
    3.    Three local business owners

    As an Independent Citizen’s Oversight Committee, the committee is comprised solely of individuals who are not staff members or trustees of the Redwood City School District.  However, the Chief Business Official and one Board member attend Oversight Committee meetings for the purpose of reporting on Measure U expenditures and answering questions from the Committee.

    Committee members serve two-year or three-year terms, with four slots designated for two-year terms, and five slots designated for three-year terms.  This allows for continuity on the Committee as terms phase out.  Committee members will be able to reapply to serve a second term, if desired.

    Process for appointing the Committee

    The administration reviews the applications and recommends a slate of candidates for Board approval.  All applications are provided to the Board and are available for public review.

    The Measure U Committee membership was approved by the Redwood City School District Governing Board at their regular meeting on October 24, 2018.

    The first meeting of the newly-formed Citizens’ Measure U Oversight Committee was held on November 29, 2018 at 6:00 pm in the District Office Conference Room, 750 Bradford Street, in Redwood City. Terms of office were determined by drawing of lots.

    The following four members drew three-year terms of office:

    • Janet Borgens

    • Margie Carrington

    • Hannah Steiner

    • Gloria Torres

    The following three members drew two-year terms of office:

    • Don Gibson

    • Filip Verley

    • Rhea Yauch