School of Choice

  • The second School of Choice Application Window for 2019-20: Monday, April 22, 2019, 9 AM

    The Schools of Choice process in the spring is based on the order that the application is received. The random lottery only takes place during the first application window in the fall of every school year. 

    *Note: Accelerated Learning's (North Star Academy) process only takes place once a year during the fall. 


    Spring School of Choice Application for 2019-20


    Redwood City School District offers choice in education, but what does that mean?


    In our district, parents have the option of transferring their child to any of the district's award-winning programs and schools.

    Six of the district's innovative programs and its schools are considered non-boundary schools. This means that these schools do not use an address to determine priority. All students may apply for admission and they are then selected randomly by lottery. The non-boundary programs are:

    • Adelante and Selby Lane Spanish Immersion Program at the Selby Lane Campus - Grades Pre-K, TK, and K-5
    • Accelerated Learning (North Star Academy)** - Grades 3-8
    • Mandarin Immersion Program at the John Gill Campus - Grades K-5
    • Orion Alternative at the John Gill Campus - Grades K-5
    • Technology Literacy - McKinley Institute of Technology (MIT) - Grades 6-8

    Parents must first register their child before applying for a School of Choice transfer. Please fill out the Registration Form first. You will then have the option to fill out a School of Choice transfer request.

    In addition, families may also transfer to other schools. Priority is given to students who live within the school's neighborhood and, if there are spaces available after the neighborhood children are placed, students who have requested a transfer from another neighborhood are then placed via a random lottery.


    Should there be more interest than spaces available, waitlists are created after the lottery placements and students are placed at their requested school when a spot becomes available. If a student moves into the area after the open enrollment period and their neighborhood school is full, they will be placed at a school that has openings. They will be placed at the top of their neighborhood school's waitlist and will be placed before any other non-neighborhood students on the waitlist.



    The School of Choice priority placement is as follows:

    1. Siblings of students who already attend the school and who will attend the school in the same academic year.
    2. Students currently on a School of Choice waitlist and have reapplied to stay on the waitlist.
    3. New School of Choice applicants.
    4. Siblings of current Interdistrict Transfer students who live outside the Redwood City School District boundary.
      1. Interdistrict Transfer students must have a sibling who already attends the school and who will attend the school in the same academic year.
    5. Interdistrict Transfer students who live outside the Redwood City School District boundary.


    **North Star Academy students must pass an entry exam and complete the required paperwork before being added to the school's lottery. Please visit the North Star's website for more information about requirements, testing, and placement. The application period for North Star Academy only takes place during the fall of each school year. 



    Please call Melanie Davenport in School of Choice at 650-482-2237 or