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    Status: Interim Housing Construction
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    Welcome to the Garfield Elementary School Measure T Bond website. Below you will find periodic and important updates about your school. Over the next several months the Bond Program Team will present updates on the design and construction progress at your school. Your school is being designed by LPA Inc. with support from your Site Council, Principal, Teachers, Staff, and local community.


    We thank you for your support of this bond and its associated projects.

    Phase: Construction


  • Garfield Monthly Construction Update

    Posted by Karen Summerville on 8/5/2019 7:05:00 AM

    Update: August 2019

    Project: Interim Housing

    Construction Update: In July, faculty began moving into the new iterim housing portable, and electrical work to connect the interim housing poertables to power and data continued.

    One Month Look Ahead: In August, electrical work to connect the interim housing portables to power and data will be completed. 

    Immediate Impacts:
    Garfield Expected Impacts: None

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  • Garfield Monthly Construction Update July

    Posted by Karen Summerville on 7/5/2019 7:00:00 AM

    Garfield July Progress

    Garfield July Progress

    Construction Update
    : July 2019

    Project: Interim Housing

    Construction Update: In June, site work began and was completed, and electrical work to connect the interim housing portables to power and data began. 

    One Month Look Ahead: In July, electrical work to connect the portables to power and data will continue.

    Immediate Impacts:

    Garfield Power July Impact

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  • Garfield Monthly Construction Update

    Posted by Neta Miller on 6/7/2019 7:00:00 AM

    Construction Update: June 2019

    Project: Interim Housing

    Construction Update: In May, eight portables were delivered and accessibility ramps attached.

    One Month Look Ahead: In June, electrical work to connect the portables to power and data will begin.

    Immediate Impacts:
    Garfield June Impacts

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  • Garfield April Update

    Posted by Neta Assaf on 4/15/2019 7:00:00 AM

    This school year is gearing up to be an exciting one  for Redwood City School District, and the Bond Team is looking forward to a year of continued progress for our schools as we work to bring more educational opportunities for the future leaders of our community.


    In the 2017-18 school year, the Garfield Community School Modernization project went through Schematic Design, Design Development, and Construction Document phases.


    The Garfield Modernization project has, as of February 2019, been submitted to the Division of the State Architect (DSA). DSA is a government body that provides design and construction oversight for K-12 schools, and will review Garfield’s Modernization Construction Documents for compliance and accessibility.


    The scope of work submitted to DSA for Garfield includes, and is not limited to, the following:

    • New two-story building to include elementary, creativity, science, and middle school classrooms, along with a new library/media center,
    • New Child Development Center for preschool classrooms
    • New parking lot and concrete walkways
    • New drop-off/bus loop area
    • Slurry coat and stripe existing paving
    • HVAC system upgrades in the kitchen
    • Update storm water drainage system
    • Reconfigure existing restrooms
    • Exterior patch and paint
    • Selective flooring
    • Updated safety locks for all classroom doors
    • Emergency response and wayfinding signage
    • Safety fencing and decorative gate
    • Fire alarm system upgrades
    • Security camera installation
    • Classroom technology package (includes Redcat Access classroom voice enhancement system and flat screen TVs on motorized, adjustable carts)


    All scope is subject to change. The Modernization project is expected to complete DSA review in Fall 2019.


    Garfield will additionally complete an Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations project. The EV Charging Stations design is currently 50% complete.


    The Bond Team and the District are excited to see the progress being made to transform our schools into 21st century learning environments, and the progress and effect this Bond will have on our community.


    For further information or inquiry, please contact Don Dias.

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  • Garfield Design Update

    Posted by Neta Assaf on 8/30/2018 6:00:00 AM

    Another summer full of fun (and work) has come and gone at Garfield Community School! Welcome back, we hope your school year is successful. The Bond Team is propelling the Measure T Bond Measure’s vision into reality. The design and construction process is being carefully guided, with everyone focused on making the Redwood City School District (RCSD) the best place for learning and exploration it can be.


    This summer, Garfield has been full of activity:


    • A Construction-Related Testing and Inspection Agreement with Ninyo and Moore was approved by the Board.
    • Garfield went through the California Environmental Quality Act’s Department of Toxic Substance Control (DTSC) process, with on-site testing having already been completed. The results indicate that Garfield does not require DTSC oversight, though the Program Management Team will still follow DTSC protocol.
    • The team received the Schematic Design set for Garfield, which determines the project requirements and goals.
    • The team received the Design Development set for Garfield, which expands on Schematic Design, finalizing the design, specific building materials, and engages additional design experts (i.e. structural, mechanical, and landscape engineers).
    • The team is in the Construction Documents phase for Garfield, which produces drawing with greater detail that will be used during construction.
    • The team has completed the installation of a new walk-in freezer for Child Nutrition.


    Next steps for Garfield include concluding the Construction Documents phase, followed by submission to the Division of the State Architect (DSA). Once DSA sign off has been received, Garfield will go into the bidding and construction phases.


    The Bond Team is happy to share that the timeline for completing all RCSD school site projects has been shortened to five years instead of the previously expected seven. Construction on some District sites is expected to begin as early as the start of 2019.


    For further information or inquiry, please contact Don Dias.

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  • Garfield Conceptual Design

    Posted by RCSD Bond Team on 8/16/2017 11:00:00 AM

    There are multiple phases of design that your school will progress through over the next several month. Those phases include:


    • Conceptual Design
    • Schematic Design
    • Design Development
    • Construction Documents

    A critical part of every project is the budget and ensuring that the design maximizes the budget. The architect of your school was provided a set budget and a design objective based on the goals of the Master Facility Plan and the board approved Gap Analysis finding. The attached document reflects the architect’s conceptual design for your site. Conceptual designs can be considered the first drawings that outline desires and opportunities. The level of detail is limited in this phase. The next phase, schematic development, will show addition details like wall locations, doors, and windows.


    The Bond Program Team is in constant contact with the school principal to confirm design developments through the entire process for feedback and design confirmation.


    Conceptual Design

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  • Garfield Neighborhood Meeting

    Posted by RCSD Bond Team on 8/16/2017 10:00:00 AM

    The Redwood City School District Measure T Bond Team invited the local community to attend an informational session about their school on one of three days in April or May of 2017. The content of the meeting included a welcome message from Dr. John Baker, Superintendent, a Measure T overall Bond Update, as well as school specific updates in a breakout session.


    Attached is a copy of the presentation provided at the Town Hall meeting.

    Neighborhood Meeting - Overview

    Neighborhood Meeting - Garfield

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  • Garfield Gap Analysis

    Posted by RCSD Bond Team on 8/16/2017 9:30:00 AM

    The Master Plan developed by LPA outlined the future vision for Redwood City Schools 10 - 15 years into the future. Rarely can a single bond program accomplish everything a master facility plan outlines. This is true for the current Measure T Bond and the RCSD Master Facility Plan. The Measure T Bond has a limited amount of resources, approximately $200 million dollars to be shared by all school sites based on the Board of Education approved funding allocations.


    With the understanding of each schools sites budget, the architect completing the Facility Master Plan was asked to provide an approximate scope of work at each school that could meet the budget allocations. This plan is known as the "blue line" plans shared with the community.


    The “blue line” plans take a very high level vision and attempted to separate the plan into a first phase of work to align with the Measure T Bond funding. Unfortunately, some small omissions occurred in this plan causing a potential gap in teaching and resource spaces. The Bond Program Team presented to the Board of Education a “gap analysis” which outlined these omissions and how the Board of Education needed to realign each school's vision with the funding available to ensure no loss in teaching space or student resources while staying authentic to the goals of the Facility Master Plan. 


    The attached document outlines this exercise.

    Garfield Gap Analysis

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  • Garfield RCSD FMP

    Posted by RCSD Bond Team on 8/16/2017 9:05:00 AM

    The attached document is the Master Plan guide for Redwood City Schools. 


    "A Facilities Master Plan (FMP) is strategic in nature. It identifies a vision for the next 10 to 15 years. The site master plans (refer to Section 4.0) provide a graphic representation of this vision for each site. It is important to note that the individual school site master plan is not a design but rather a plan for the future improvement of the District's facilities, in support of the educational program goals for student achievement."

    Please read all four sections of the Master Plan to understand the process, planning and considerations, projected costs, and site specific plans for your school. 


    The Master Plan is one of many documents informing the design decisions made at your school. 

     Section 1 LPA Master Plan

    Section 2 LPA Master Plan

    Section 3 - LPA Master Plan

    Facilities Master Plan, Section 4, Site Master Plan: Garfield Community School



    RCSD Bond Team

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