• Board Goals:

    1. Ensure all students are reading at or above grade level by the end of second grade.
    2. Support all students in meeting and excelling in district benchmarks.  
    3. Reduce the number of long term English learners.
    4. Recognize, retain and recruit high quality staff.
    5. Expand and strengthen partnerships to increase access to preschool, before and after school summer programs.
    6. Manage bond construction projects on time and on budget.

    Mission and Beliefs:

    Our Mission:
    Educating every child for success.

    Our Beliefs:
    Children learn and succeed …
    … in a safe environment with challenging and enriching instruction.
    … when all students and staff are held to high expectations.
    … when each of us supports their intellectual, physical, social and emotional development.
    … when they have caring adults in their lives.
    … in a community that respects diverse backgrounds and treats everyone equitably.
    … when their ideas and involvement are encouraged and respected.
    … when families actively support their learning.
    … when we work in partnership with families and community.
    … when all employees are highly qualified, valued and respected.
    … when each of us acts on the conviction that every child can and will learn.


Last Modified on August 30, 2018