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    Parcel Tax Renewal FAQ

    How are Redwood City School District schools doing?

    With the dedication of award-winning teachers, our students are excelling. Our mission is to build on this success to ensure that all Redwood City students continue to have equal access to a quality education. Recent awards include:

    •      Four 2016 California Gold Ribbon awards; out of only nine awarded in all of San Mateo County

    •      Two Kent Awards from San Mateo County School Board’s Association

    •      Hoover Principal Amanda Rothengast named Principal of the Year; representing all of San Mateo and San Francisco Counties

    •      Multiplier of the Year Award for Education for Patricia Girardi, Principal at Roosevelt Elementary

    •      Multiple Pathways to Biliteracy Award; one of only two school districts in the entire state

    •      Adelante Spanish Immersion awarded 2nd Place for the Embassy of Spain’s nationwide School of the Year competition

    •      Multiple National Blue Ribbon awards, statewide Golden Bell Awards and California Distinguished Schools in recent years


    Why is the District pursuing Measure U to renew local funding?

    Since 2012, our community has supported local schools through a voter-approved education parcel tax to fund strong academic programs and classroom instruction. This funding will expire soon. Because our schools are among the lowest-funded in San Mateo County, this source of local funding is an important part of the school district’s budget. That is why the Board of Education voted to place Measure U, the Elementary Education Improvement and Student Achievement Measure, on the November 8, 2016 ballot. Measure U would renew RCSD’s education parcel tax, which would provide approximately $1.9 million per year in local education funding that could not be taken away by the state. 


    What would Measure U fund in our schools?

    Measure U would continue to:

    ·      Enhance math, science, reading and writing skills in local classrooms

    ·      Attract and retain qualified teachers

    ·      Enhance quality arts and music programs

    ·      Update classroom computers and instructional technology


    How can I be sure that funds would be spent as promised?

    Citizens’ oversight has consistently shown that locally controlled funding has been spent as promised. For more information about the Independent Citizens’ Oversight Committee and to view past reports, visit www.rcsdk8.net/Page/5561.


    What specific accountability measures would be included?

    Measure U would include the following fiscal accountability provisions:

    ·      Every penny would benefit local elementary and middle schools and could not be taken by the state

    ·      No money could be used to fund administrators’ salaries or benefits

    ·      The principal, teachers, staff and parents at each school would continue to determine how funds are spent at their school

    ·      Senior citizen homeowners would be eligible for an exemption from the cost of the measure

    ·      Measure U would expire in 14 years and could not be renewed without
    voter approval


    How much would Measure U cost?

    If passed, Measure U would renew the District’s expiring parcel tax at $85 per parcel per year and continue existing fiscal accountability provisions.


    Could funding from Measure U be taken away by the state?

    No. Every penny would benefit our local elementary and middle schools and could not be taken by the state.


    How would Measure U continue to improve and enhance education?

    Redwood City School District is among the lowest-funded in San Mateo County. By renewing the District’s existing education parcel tax at $85 per parcel annually, we can help ensure local students have access to the same quality of education as students in neighboring communities. To maintain quality education, Measure U would provide additional funding to enhance math, science, reading, writing, art and music programs for all students.


    When will Measure U appear on the ballot?

    Measure U will appear on the November 8, 2016 ballot.


    How I can receive more information or ask questions?

    For more information about Measure U or our schools, please contact Superintendent Dr. John Baker at jbaker@rcsdk8.net.