Climate Survey

  • Each year, Redwood City School District (RCSD) conducts a climate survey. 

Purpose of Conducting a Climate Survey:

  • •       Provides information beyond test scores that helps us improve our schools

    •       Enables us to improve aspects of school that affect academic performance, such as family engagement, safety, mindset, etc.

    •       Provides data to prospective families who are looking to learn more about their children's future schoos

    The Climate Survey is facilitated by an independent 3rd party, Panorama Education.  The questions are drawn from an archive of research-based questions developed by Panorama in broad theme areas. An RCSD sub-committee consisting of district administrators and two School Board members selected the theme areas based on input from principals and staff. Panorama distributes the survey and sends reminders to recipients who have not yet responded. The District does not have access to individual responses, nor does RCSD know who participated in survey.

    More than 250 total questions are asked total in the 4 surveys: Family Survey, Student Survey, Teacher Survey, Staff Survey.  The Family and Student Survey questions can be disaggregated by grade, gender, ELL status, Race/Ethnicity and Free and Reduced Lunch status (self-reported).

    RCSD can compare its results to other districts that took questions in the same themes.