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    Important Information on School Attendance

    Earn Money For Our Schools –Send Your Child Every Day!


    •    The state provides our district about $50 for every student who is at school for any part of any day. 

    •    The amount of money received from student attendance is more than half of all money received by our school district!

    •    Money from attendance pays for teachers and important district services such as paying teachers, custodians, and school office staff, enrolling students, and communicating with parents, staff and the community.

    •    Our school district loses about $50 for each day a student misses school -- even if the absence is excused for health or personal reasons.

    •    If students complete an Independent Study Packet, the school district receives funding, even when students are absent.


    •    If you know in advance when your student will be absent, you can request an Independent Study Packet. Independent Study Contracts are available through your school office, or by clicking below:
    Independent Study - Frequently Asked Questions

     •    Please do NOT send your child to school when they are ill.  We want students to rest and recover when they are sick, and we want to reduce the chance of contagious illnesses spreading.

    •    If your child will miss school because of an appointment, family travel or other absences not related to illness, consider sending them to school for a portion of the day.  Even if they are at school for ½ hour any time during the day, the school district will receive funding.

    Better attendance can bring a significant amount of money into the district -- over the last three years better attendance added more than $1 million to the district budget! 

    We want to continue the trend of improving attendance in the Redwood City School District.  Please help us by sending your child to school every day unless they are ill!