Programs and Sites Directory 2019-20

Student looking at his computer monitor taking an assessment

Adelante Selby Spanish Immersion School

Student working on his device

Clifford School

Students working at their desks

Garfield Community School

Students reading together

Henry Ford Elementary School

  • 2498 Massachusetts
    Redwood City, CA 94061

    650. 482.2404
    Principal:  Dr. Al Rosell
    Assistant Principal: Kelly Noriega
    Offering Grades K-5
Students working on a science project

Hoover Community School

Kennedy's Jazz Band

Kennedy Middle School

Student doing her work at her desk

Mandarin Immersion

Students working on a robotics project

McKinley Institute of Technology (MIT)

Students working in a group project

North Star Academy

  • 400 Duane St.
    Redwood City, CA  94062
    Principal: Sara Shackel
    Asst. Principal: Aya Rubio

    Offering Grades 3-8
The Orion Alternative community at the Author and Illustrator Fair

Orion Alternative Elementary School

  • 555 Avenue del Ora
    Redwood City, CA  94062

    Principal: Katherine Rivera
    Offering Grades K-5
The standards for a Project-Based Learning unit on a teacher's wall

Roosevelt School

  • 2223 Vera Avenue
    Redwood City, CA  94061 


    Principal: Tina Mercer
    Asst. Principal: Tracy DaCosta and David Camarena

    Offering Grades PreK, TK-8
Students working in a group project

Roy Cloud School

  • 3790 Red Oak Way
    Redwood City, CA  94061


    Principal:  Diane Prystas
    Asst. Principal: Kristy Jackson
    Offering Grades K-8
Student and parent working on a robot as part of STEAM 2.0

Taft Community School