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Adelante Selby Spanish Immersion School (PreK, TK, K-5)

Student looking at his computer monitor taking an assessment

Clifford School (TK, K-8)

Student working on his device

Henry Ford Elementary School (K-5)

Students reading together
  • 2498 Massachusetts
    Redwood City, CA 94061

    650. 482.2404
    Principal:  Dr. Al Rosell
    Assistant Principal: Kelly Noriega
    Offering Grades K-5

Garfield Community School (PreK, K-8)

Students working at their desks

Hoover Community School (PreK, TK, K-8)

Students working on a science project

Kennedy Middle School (6-8)

Kennedy's Jazz Band

Mandarin Immersion (TK, K-5)

Student doing her work at her desk

McKinley Institute of Technology (6-8)

Students working on a robotics project

North Star Academy (3-8)

Students working in a group project
  • 400 Duane St.
    Redwood City, CA  94062
    Principal: Sara Shackel
    Asst. Principal: Aya Rubio

    Offering Grades 3-8

Orion Alternative Elementary School (PreK, K-5)

The Orion Alternative community at the Author and Illustrator Fair
  • 555 Avenue del Ora
    Redwood City, CA  94062

    Principal: Katherine Rivera
    Offering Grades PreK, K-5

Roosevelt School (PreK, TK, K-8)

The standards for a Project-Based Learning unit on a teacher's wall
  • 2223 Vera Avenue
    Redwood City, CA  94061 


    Principal: Tina Mercer
    Asst. Principal: Tracy DaCosta and David Camarena

    Offering Grades PreK, TK-8

Roy Cloud School (K-8)

Students working in a group project
  • 3790 Red Oak Way
    Redwood City, CA  94061


    Principal:  Diane Prystas
    Asst. Principal: Kristy Jackson
    Offering Grades K-8

Taft Community School (PreK, K-5)

Student and parent working on a robot as part of STEAM 2.0