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Redwood City School District

Long Range Planning for the Future of Our Schools

New ways of teaching and learning in the future may require new learning spaces that are different from classrooms today.  Recognizing that our schools may need changes to accommodate new models or learning, serve the needs of an influx of new families to the area, and ensure that our schools adhere to the latest safety standards, the Redwood City School District started a Facilities Master Plan process in the spring of 2014.
On May 27, 2014, the school board approved a Facilities Master Plan that was developed with input from parents, teachers, staff and community members.  During the 2013-14 and 2014-15 school years, a Facilities Master Plan Committee comprised of district administrators, principals, teachers and community members studied long term demographic trends, assessed current facilities, and envisioned what learning may look like in the future. 
A Facilities Master Plan (FMP) is strategic in nature.  It identifies a vision for the next 10 to 15 years.   The site master plans (see  Section 4) provide a graphic representation of this vision for each site.  It is important to note that the individual school site master plan is not a design, but rather a plan for the future improvement of the District's facilities, in support of the educational program goals for student achievement.
The FMP, posted in sections below, shows a general path of how to get to the goal, but it does not provide specific design solutions.  It represents long range improvement recommendations.   The purpose of the FMP is to define the long-range goals for facility planning that support the educational goals of the District; this ultimately aids in decision making so that school facility improvement move toward a common coordinated vision.  To read a more detailed introduction, please click on Section 1 below.
The entire Facilities Master Plan is posted below.
A summary of the Facilities Master Plan was presented during the May 27 school board meeting, and is posted below:
The presentations from each of the meetings of the Facilities Master Plan Committee are posted below:

In October 2014, the District invited the entire Redwood City community to hear a presentation about the status and progress of the Master Plan and provide input on your ideas for aligning our schools with 21st learning, and held three Town Hall Meetings in October 2014 to review proposed master plan recommendations for all the sites in the District.   The meetings were held at three schools during the week of October 6, 2014.
The presentation from the Town Hall meeting is below:
Below are the presentations that were made to the school board throughout the process:

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