Drink Water First

  • The Drink Water First campaign promotes drinking water to fuel your body instead of juice, soda and sports drinks. This program encourages drinking water for better health and educates our students on healthy beverage choices, such as water for thirst and milk with meals. 

    Children who eat regular nutritious meals, drink water when they are thirsty, and sleep well at night will have energy for sports and activities, and will be better prepared to learn. 

    Studies have shown that increasing water consumption is beneficial for a student's health and wellbeing and can positively impact academic performance. 

    Drink Water First campaign materials promote positive messages about the benefits of drinking water. Materials include handouts for parents, posters for classrooms and school hallways, a water bottle logo and a standing banner listing the Top Ten Reasons to Drink Water. 


Drink Water First Messages

    1. Your body is 70-80% water.
    2. Water is the #1 thirst quencher.
    3. Water gives you energy and keeps your muscles hydrated.
    4. Water helps convert food to energy.
    5. Athletes know to drink water first.
    6. Drinking water boosts mood and brainpower.
    7. Water helps your skin look great.
    8. Tap water contains fluoride and helps strengthen teeth.
    9. Your body loses water every day - drink water to replace it
    10. Water is the best drink for your body.
    11. Kids who play hard need to drink more water.
    12. Athletes know to drink water first.