• Information about the Common Core Standards for Parents  (Español)
    Teachers, principals and staff in the Redwood City School District are hard at work learning new ways to teach students that will prepare them for work and life in the 21st Century. Planning is well underway for the transition to teaching the new Common Core State Standards, now adopted by 40+ states, plus the District of Columbia.  The Common Core Standards, which will replace the current California Content Standards, emphasize depth and complexity, use of technology and evidence-based analysis of text.  Students will explore, collaborate, and discuss complex ideas in depth.  Teachers will nurture creativity and critical thinking, and use technology as a teaching and learning tool.   Learning will be interactive, and teachers will ask probing questions as students discuss and analyze information together. 
    What are the Common Core Standards?
    common core map The Common Core State Standards are a set of educational standards voluntarily adopted by 40+ participating states, including California.  The Common Core Standards specify what students should know at each grade level in:
    • English Language Arts
    • Mathematics
    • Science
    • History
    All participating states will now have a common set of expectations for each student at each grade level; previously, each state had its own set of expectations, which resulted in potentially significant differences in student learning from state to state.  The Common Core State Standards were designed by teachers, parents and education experts to prepare students for college and career in a 21st century, global economy, and they align with standards used by other countries.  The standards are NOT a curriculum; rather they describe what students should know at each grade level. States, districts, schools decide which strategies will best help students learn the Common Core State Standards.
    What are the key components of the Common Core State Standards?
    • Depth, complexity, and rigor
    • Collaboration
    • Use of technology
    • Evidence–based analysis of text
    Students will explore, collaborate and discuss complex ideas in depth.  Teachers will nurture creativity and critical thinking.  Students will use technology as a learning tool.  Learning will be interactive.  Teachers will ask probing questions.  Students will discuss and analyze information together.
    common core
    What is RCSD doing to prepare for Common Core?

    RCSD has already begun the transition to ensuring that students are learning the Common Core State Standards.  Some Common Core standards were incorporated into classroom instruction during 2012-13, and in 2013-14, kindergarten through 2nd grade teachers will teach the Common Core standards.  RCSD plans to fully implement the Common Core at all grade levels in 2014-15.
    Technology Integration in the RCSD Classroom Video:
    How can you support your student at home?
    If you would like to learn more about the Common Core State Standards and how you can support your student at home, below are some additional resources that may be helpful:cc2
    How will students be assessed?
    Students in California will take the Smarter Balanced Assessment, currently scheduled to begin in May, 2015.  You can find more information on the Smarter Balanced Assessment and view sample test questions at: http://www.smarterbalanced.org/