• After School Programs and Partners

     The Redwood City School District offers a variety of after school options at most school campuses, including programs run collaboratively with local partner organizations and privately-run after school programs available on some school campuses. To learn more about the programs available, please click on the links at the left or contact the school directly.

    FALL 2015 Survey Results



    For more than 100 years the Redwood City School District (RCSD) has educated K-8students in Redwood City and portions of San Carlos, Menlo Park, Atherton, and Woodside.

    Today, RCSD students live in the heart of Silicon Valley. The District is embracing 21st century learning, and has built strong relationships with local technology companies who are providing training in the latest technologies that help students learn. In RCSD classrooms, learning is interactive, and teachers rove the classroom providing feedback as students explore and discover

    In addition to its commitment to high academic standards, the District also strives to meet students' developmental needs-- intellectual, physical, mental, and social-emotional -- through a wide variety of programs offered during and after the school day.

    In order to help meet students’ developmental needs, the district has partnered with the City of Redwood City (Parks and Recreation), Boys and Girls Club of the Peninsula (BGCP), the YMCA and Siena Youth Center to provide quality after school programming at twelve of the school sites in the district and an off site center serving Selby Lane students. Through partnership with the programs, students are provided with opportunities to grow, excel academically, learn new skills, build stronger relationships and ties to the school and community. This spotlight examines the programs for the following RCSD schools: Fair Oaks Community School, Hawes Community School,Hoover Community School, Garfield Community School, Taft Community School,Henry Ford Elementary School, John Gill Elementary School, Selby Lane Elementary School, Adelante Elementary School, Roosevelt Elementary School,McKinley Institute of Technology, and Kennedy Middle School.

    For the past 5 years the district has implemented after school program surveys as one strategy in our continuous effort to improve programs. RCSD surveyed third through eight grade students, and all parents who have children attending after school Programs.

    Conclusions &Considerations


    It is important to note that parents were very satisfied with the programs being offered to their children. 97% expressed satisfaction with the services received. The top three factors that were most important to parents when selecting a program for their kids were: homework help, hours, and child’s enjoyment.


    On the student surveys, elementary school students expressed more satisfaction than middle school students. Students in both lower and upper grades shared that they have lots of opportunities for building new skills and also rated the relationships with peers as an area of strength.