• Drop Off & Pick Up Student Guidelines
    drop off


    Please remember that safety is our number one concern. Please follow the following suggestions when picking up and dropping off your child at school:


    1) Ideally, it is best to drop off and pick up your child a block away from the school to avoid traffic congestion in front of the school.


    2) Please abide by all traffic laws when dropping off or picking up your child at school.  The most common ticket given by police is for double parking and letting a child out of the car in the middle of the street. Please park the car and then allow your child in or out of the car.


    3) Please do not park in front of the neighbor's driveways or in loading zones that are painted white and designated for the loading of buses.


    4) Please remember that pedestrians have the right of way.


    5) Children and adults must use the crosswalks.


    6) If children ride their bicycles to school they must wear their helmets and lock the bikes in the school bike rack next to the portables on Goodwin Avenue.