• Han, Jiali


    Hello! I’m Jiali Han. Students call me Ms. Han or Han Lao Shi (韩老师) in Mandarin. 

    I received my bachelor’s degree from Nanjing University in China, majoring in English Literature. Then I came to the United States and earned my master’s degree with a specialization in bilingual education.

    I started my teaching career in 2018, working as a Mandarin Immersion teacher in a self-contained classroom. In that position, I teach multiple subjects in both English and Mandarin, planning and implementing differentiated STEAM learning activities that focus on target language development and can meet individual student’s needs. 

    I describe myself as a goal-oriented person with tons of patience. Therefore, I am passionate about learning new teaching tools, and I am very good at using effective practices and technology integration to engage participation and improve students’ academic performance. During the past school year, I taught all subject contents in a virtual setting, which could be really challenging. But I felt thrilled when my students and parents told me how much fun they had and how amazing progress they had made in my classroom. 

    As part of the Orion family, I will try my best to help all kids reach their full potential and become bilingual, bi-literate, and bicultural. ^_^