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Three students working on a group project
Three Seats Open on District Measure U Citizens Oversight Committee

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Two students working together on a computer desktop
2023-24 Enrollment and School of Choice Timeline

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Students smiling with wearing their school back packs
Attend and Achieve: Tips and Resources to Help Families Avoid School Avoidance

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Child Showing His Hands with Soap
Good Health and Steady Attendance Go Hand in Hand … So Let’s Wash Those Hands!

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Orion Alternative students help Superintendent Baker and Principal Rivera cut the ribbon
A Significant Safety and Security Improvement at Orion Alternative School Thanks to Measure T

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Garfield Students and Superintendent cut the ribbon to celebrate their modernized spaces
The Garfield Gators Have a New, Modern Home. “The Space Inspires Me to Be Creative,” says student

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Harvest of the Month: RCSD Program Introduces Fresh Produce to Students While Supporting Local Farmers

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2022-23 COVID Protocols in RCSD Schools
2022-23 COVID Protocols in RCSD Schools

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A School Nurse Works with a Student on a Vision Assessment
The Bridge Between Healthcare and Education, School Nurses Help Students Be Healthy and Ready to Learn!

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Our Mission

RCSD creates a safe and supportive, inspirational and rigorous, joyful and inclusive environment for all learners


The preschool program forms the foundation for later life learning in all domains of development, including socio-emotional, language, literacy, and mathematics.

Transitional Kindergarten (TK)

The TK class provides more opportunities for social-emotional and language development, including mathematics functions through interactive, hands-on activities, which helps students develop and build upon existing skills to be successful in kindergarten, and stimulating classroom centers, which focus on science, mathematics, writing, arts and crafts, community role play, etc.


Kindergarten is a time for students to get acclimated to school, make friends, and have fun learning while doing. Time in the classroom–and recess time–builds relationships, hones lifelong skills, and fosters a positive attitude toward learning. Fun hands-on enrichment activities in math and science, skill building in language arts, early digital literacy opportunities, and introductions to arts and music are provided to students as they learn the structures of the classroom.  

Gardens and Outdoor Classrooms

Schools throughout RCSD have various garden and outdoor learning initiatives supported by parent volunteers, community groups, outdoor education specialists, nonprofits, and partnerships with the California UC system.

After School Programs

RCSD works with a variety of public, grant-funded, and private partners to provide students and parents with expanded learning after the school bell rings. After-school programs are open every school day into the early evening, offering flexibility in each family’s schedule.

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM)

It’s full STEAM ahead in Redwood City School District (RCSD) classrooms when Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics are interlaced into all areas of learning. 

Our Stories and Initiatives

Our District By the Numbers


kindergarten student to teacher ratio


California Gold Ribbon Schools--Clifford, Hoover, Roosevelt, Roy Cloud, and Taft


different languages are spoken at home by our students and their families including Arabic, Mandarin, Polish, Russian, Samoan, Spanish, and Vietnamese


healthy and nutritious breakfasts and lunches served every school day


teachers and support staff members work in RCSD serving our students and their families


square feet of space are maintained by RCSD custodians and groundskeepers