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Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) and

Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP)

The Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) is a critical part of the way the state of California funds school districts through the local control funding formula process (LCFF).  School districts receive additional funds based on the number of Low Income, English Learner and Foster Youth students that are enrolled within the district.  The state is allowing districts to work in partnership with the community to decide how best to use the funds.  We need your help as parents, educators, employees, students and the community in the planning process to determine how to allocate our resources to meet our districts vision and goals.  Please join and participate in our stakeholder meetings as we continue to develop and update our LCAP.
The LCAP is a State-required plan that establishes District goals, actions, accountability measures and budgets for a three-year period.  It was established three years ago as a result of a change in the State funding formula, Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF).  In addition to base funding for all school districts, LCFF provides greater State allocations to districts with enrollments of students in poverty, English language learners, and foster youths.  The LCAP must define District services and financial allocations to meet the needs of these student subgroups within the context of the entire student body.

The structure of the process of eliciting input from all stakeholders, staff members, parents and community members will change slightly but maintain the same purpose, to ensure that the LCAP is fully representative of all constituents.

An important new initiative is the operation of the LCAP Steering Committee comprised of representative teachers, classified staff, parents, administrators and a board member. This Committee will first assess the conditions of the District through an analysis of revealing data such as student academic progress, the achievement of our graduates at the high school level, the progress of current LCAP goals, as well as other operations such as levels of potential funding and the retention of teachers and staff. After this review the Steering Committee will develop an engagement process to elicit input from stakeholders.

Stakeholder input sessions began in February.  These sessions are intended to define District priorities.  All teachers, classified staff members, site administrators, specialized instructional staff, parents (including DELAC) and community members were encouraged to attend voluntary meetings (schedule listed below). 

Following the Stakeholder input sessions in February, the Steering Committee reviewed all proposed priorities. A draft of the LCAP is available (see link below) for public review and be reviewed by the Administrative Cabinet (April 2017) and adoption by the Board of Education, which is scheduled for June 2017.

 The LCAP is an important planning tool that will establish the direction of District services for the next three years.
Please click on the  LCAP Stakeholder Input presentation in English and Spanish (espanol) to learn more.
2016-17 LCAP Monitoring and Planning Process:

LCAP Action


LCAP Steering Committee & Parent Advisory Committees are formed; Data is analyzed and a survey is created for stakeholders. Current LCAP is monitored to ensure implementation.


Jan 31:  General Parent/Community/Staff Stakeholder LCAP Meeting 6:00pm at the District Office Board Room. 

Feb 2:  Parents/Community Members/Staff Stakeholders from Garfield, Hoover, Selby Lane, and Fair Oaks, and Taft and in Spanish with English Translation at Hoover School MUB at 6:00pm.

Feb 6 DELAC  Meeting 6:00 District Office Board Room.

Feb 7 Parents/Community Members/Staff from John Gill, Roosevelt, Hawes, Kennedy, MIT and John Gill in English with Spanish Translation at John Gill School at 6:30pm.

Feb 7 All Staff: Administrators, Teachers & Classified Staff Members 3:30-5 District Office Board Room. 
Feb 9 Parents/Community Members/Staff from Orion, Cloud, NSA, Clifford and 
Henry Ford in English with Spanish Translation at Orion School MUB at 6:00pm. 


Gather community/parent/staff input via Stakeholder meetings & Online Survey.


Feb 9:  Parents/Community Members/Staff from Orion, Cloud, NSA, Clifford, Henry Ford, and in English with Spanish Translation at Orion School MUB at 6:00pm.

Jan-February 2017

Review feedback from Stakeholders Meetings and LCAP Online Survey  with Steering Committee; Draft LCAP is written.

March  2017

Solicit written comments of the draft LCAP from the public.

May 20-June 15, 2017

Respond to comments in writing

May 20-June 15, 2017

School Board reviews the LCAP

June 7 School Board Meeting

750 Bradford Street, RWC 

School Board adopts LCAP plan in a public hearing

June 21 School Board Meeting

750 Bradford Street, RWC 
Approved 2016-19 LCAP  LCAP in English/LCAP in Spanish.
Approved LCAP, 2015-16  English
Approved LCAP, 2014-15: English Español
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